Fosun International Ranks Among China’s Top 100 ESG Listed Companies, Topping the Composite Industry as the ESG Leader

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On the afternoon of 30 June 2024, the Financial Program Center of China Media Group (CMG) officially released the “China ESG (Corporate Social Responsibility) 2024 ESG Action Report” in Beijing, China. The report evaluated 972 listed companies selected from the pool of 6,471 A-share and Hong Kong listed companies to present the ESG traits and trends of Chinese enterprises and compiled the 2024 China’s Top 100 ESG Listed Companies ranking. In addition, the report put forward suggestions to promote the high-quality development of ESG in China.


Leveraging on years of continuous promotion in the global ESG work, long-term responsible operations and effective management, Fosun International (HKEX: 0656) stood out from many companies based on various ESG rating indicators and was successfully listed among China’s Top 100 ESG Listed Companies, ranking 14th overall and first in the composite industry as the ESG leader. Fosun Pharma, a subsidiary of Fosun, was also successfully included in the ranking for its continuous efforts in the ESG field over the years.


Looking back on the past, Fosun has always paid attention to the reform and development of international and domestic policies in the field of sustainable development. It has established an ESG management system, integrated ESG management requirements into business management over the years, and published ESG reports in a timely manner, actively responding to national strategies and ensuring information security, promoting technology innovation, implementing “dual carbon” goals, taking part in public welfare undertakings, and protecting the rights and interests of employees to promote sustainable management and value creation.


Despite the macro environment remains challenging, Fosun has made significant progress in fulfilling its unwavering commitment to sustainable development. In 2023, Fosun International received an MSCI ESG rating of AA for three consecutive years, and was the only conglomerate in Greater China with such rating. Fosun Internationals HSI ESG rating was upgraded to AA- and it was selected as one of the constituents of Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index for the first time. In addition, Fosun ranked among the top 6% among global peers in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) and was included in S&P Globals Sustainability Yearbook 2024 and recognized as an Industry Mover for its outstanding performance. Fosun has also been selected as a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series for two consecutive years.