Carbon Neutrality

Build resilience to peak carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

Protection Of Water Resource

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Fosun Tourism Group

FosunTourism Group has actively responded to the severe challenge of water scarcity and set atarget of “Reduce water use intensityby 10% by 2030 (2019 baseline)”. Fosun Tourism Group adopts various water-savingmeasures, regularly reviews its daily practices, and constantly seeks ways to increaseopportunities for waterrecycling. In 2022, thefresh water intake intensity of Fosun Tourism Group decreased by 16% by hotel night sold anddecreased by 11% by revenue compared to 2019.

FosunTourism Group uses the tool of Water Risk Atlas AqueductTM developed by theWorld Resources Institute (WRI) to identify and evaluate water stress zones ona regular basis every year. In 2022, seven resorts were identified as beinglocated in water stress zones defined by extremely high benchmark water stressvalues. In 2022, according to the identification results, Fosun Tourism Group put forwardmanagement requirements for greening irrigation in resorts operated in zones ofhigh water stress. Specific actions include selecting drought-tolerantvegetation, collecting rainwater for irrigation and gradually installingautomatic drip irrigation and sprinklers to improve water use efficiency.

AtlantisSanya, a member company of Fosun Tourism Group, has been awarded the title of “Water-savingHotel” by Sanya Water-savingOffice. Through water recycling measures such as rainwater collection, overflow water reuse andcondensed water recovery, water-saving equipment and technology upgrading of water parks andaquariums, and regular monitoring and maintenance, more than 400,000 cubic meters of water can besaved annually.

Hainan Mining

Hainan Mining is committed to continuously reducing waterconsumption by recycling the wastewater from mine processing, comprehensively utilizing water inrushin the mining pit and retrofittingpipeline network.


The discharge of production waste water in the plantarea is avoided by recycling the wastewater from mine processing and the overflow from thetailings pond.

Comprehensively utilizing water inrush in the mining pit: All water inrush in the mining pit in the course of mining is comprehensively utilized, with a portion pumped to underground mine for production, and the rest into the high-level pool on the ground for mine processing, artificial sand production and road dust control.

Retrofitting pipeline network: In 2022, the recyclerate of industrial water was increased to 95.55% by optimizing the industrialwater pipeline network, increased by 1.21% compared to 2021


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Fosun Tourism Group

Fosun Tourism Group values the balance of the ecosystem in all phases of planning, design,construction and operation to minimize the negative impact on the surrounding ecology.FosunTourism Group has developed the BiodiversityPolicy to encourage major subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures,partners and other relevant parties to respect and protect biodiversity.

复28% of Fosun Tourism Group’s Club Med resorts total surface area is located adjacent or near protected sites, with another 25% located at less than 3 km from the protected site. To minimize the impact on protected areas, Club Med carried out a number of biodiversity conservation practices and awareness-raising activities. Club Med joined Act4Nature in 2018 and has made commitment to voluntary action by setting targets and goals and committing to regularly review their achievement in order to contribute to global biodiversity conservation. Club Med's voluntary actions included: obtaining BREEAM and Green Globe certifications for resorts, using less land and ocean, strictly controlling invasive alien species, avoiding overexploitation of resources in the supply chain, and protecting endangered species. Build resilience to peak carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality
Hainan Mining

Hainan Mining actively carries outmine and land restoration in accordance with the Geological EnvironmentalProtection and Land Reclamation Plan for Mines . Hainan Mining executesreclamation plans in reclaimable mining area, conducts mining reclamation basedon reality, which reflects Hainan Mining’s commitment to building eco-friendlymines through protecting the water and soil resources as well as the ecologicalenvironment of the mining area

In 2022,Hainan Mining continued its steady efforts to mine reclamation and ecologicalrestoration, making full use of the topography, geomorphology, hydrogeology andother natural conditions of the area. Trees were planted and seeds were sprayedon

the side slopes based on the types of local vegetationand the natural conditions. Moreover, a variety of tree species were cultivatedbased on the local ecological conditions. By doing so, Hainan Mining strives tobuild a sound ecological environment in mining areas and promote thesustainable development of mines. In 2022, Hainan Mining invested RMB12.94million in reclamation, as a result, the ecological restoration of the minesinvolved the planting of 157,300 trees, with an ecological restoration area of3,331.64 mu. By the end of 2022, the reclamation plant coverage rate of themining area was 100%, creating an ecosystem with diverse plants, beautifulenvironment, complete function and stable structure in the mining areas.


Yuyuan Group requires variousecological raw materials and a high-standard ecological environment during itsoperation. Upholding the philosophy of “eco-friendly brewing and green development”,Shede Spirits has become the first company to propose the concept of“eco-friendly brewing” as early as the 1990s. Supported by the localgovernment, Shede Spirits has carried the concept of “eco-friendly brewing”into practice by building a brewing ecological park covering an area of 200 thousandmu in the past decades. To date, there are more than 300 species (includingover 150 planted species and over 150 species that grow naturally) of arbors,shrubs and herbs, forming a complete and unique list of plants. Moreover, the numberof plants exceeds 3.9 million, and the lawns, such as maidenhair and grass,cover 331,909 square meters with the plant coverage rate reaching 98.5