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Our Culture

Fosun has a dream. First and foremost, we need to take care of our family members and work to support ourselves. But apart from this, we think that the fundamental reason why we work hard every day is we are aspiring to be one of the greatest enterprises in China and in the world. Nurturing this dream, we feel happiest to work, innovate, and solve problems.

- Guo Guangchang

Fosun Ren’er

Fosun Ren’er, which rhymes with “Fosuner”, is the image of Fosuners that embodies both their strength and resourcefulness.
Born on May 12, 2019, Fosun Ren’er has been an influencer on the social media representing Fosun. He is a bearer of Fosun’s corporate culture and can also have friendly conversations with anyone.
Hailed as a superman, Fosun Ren’er dons a cape and sports a costume with the letter F on his chest. Fosun Ren’er is ready to overcome difficulties and has a positive outlook. He is always adventurous, innovative, curious, energetic and capable of carrying out his duties.

Eight Things Fosuners Must Bear in Mind

  • Customer First

    Focus on customer needs and help them resolve problems by every means, in order to improve their experience and maximize customer value.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Start from value creation; be self-motivated and push beyond your limits; pursue excellence and keep advancing.

  • FC2M Ecosystem Mindset

    Proactively understand Fosun’s industries, resources and personnel, be good at exploring and integrating internal and external resources from customers’ perspectives to realize multiplier effect.

  • Staying Innovative

    Embrace change andkeep a keen observation of the market; meet customers’ need with innovative thinking and promote continuous evolution of products and organizations.

  • One Step Ahead

    Possess strategic foresight and agile execution ability; always stay one step ahead of others in everything.

  • Coopetition

    Organization has boundaries while responsibility does not. Stimulate vitality of the organization with healthy coopetition and achieve the ultimate goal through integration and cooperation.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Be humble and pursue lifelong learning; make full use of Fosun’s resources to quickly master and digest knowledge and put it into practice.

  • Persistency

    Set a fixed course in the right direction; endure the challenges and hardships; make time your friend; never give up until you accomplish your goal.

Cultural Activities

  • Annual Strategy Promotion Conference

    Annual Strategy Promotion Conference

    At the beginning of each year, Fosun’s managers from all over the world will gather in Shanghai, China, to deliver and explore the latest strategy and management ideas of the company, reviewing the year past and looking forward to the year ahead, while commending the outstanding teams.

  • 515 Fosun Family Day

    515 Fosun Family Day

    The annual 515 Fosun Family Day is not only a spending carnival and a rewarding event to family customers, we also invite the Fosuners to bring their families to the BFC The Bund Financial Center to participate in this grand carnival. This is an ONE Fosun family event which participated by many Fosun’s affiliate brands, everyone can enjoy the great moments and happy family reunion times.

  • Annual Party

    Annual Party

    At the beginning of each year, all Fosuners will gather together, create various excellent performances with talents and passion, share a reunion dinner, and cheer for the friendship among Fosuners as well as a better future.

  • Women’s Day

    Women’s Day

    Women at Fosun will reap various benefits on March 8 every year. In addition to gifts and vacations, Fosun’s “Male Group” will send flowers to them so that they can experience the feeling of being a “queen”.