Focus on family customers


Centering on the happiness needs of global family customers,
the Happiness segment establishes a strong presence in
the two major areas of brand consumption and tourism and leisure.

    • 19

      Yuyuan owns 19 Chinese time-honored brands and several other leading brand
    • 5016 stores

      Store expansion continues to accelerate, with the number of stores reaching 5016
    • Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival

      In 2024, the Yuyuan Garden lantern Festival in Shanghai continued the theme of "The Adventure of Mountains and Seas" and attracted more than 4 million visitors
      In 2023, Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival was held overseas for the first time. The Festival Dragons et Lanternes attracted nearly 200,000 local visitors in Paris, France

    • club Med Urban Oasis

      Launched new urban resort product line, Club Med Urban Oasis, leading the development of domestic urban vacations

    • 1 hour

      Offering various themed experiences and tourism features with the theme around the “Alps”
      Only 1 hour drive from downtown Shanghai
    • One of the founding members of the English Football League

      Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club is the only team to have won championships in five different levels of English football league and has won 11 league titles, 4 FA Cups and 2 League Cups.
    • 68 resorts

      Operating 68 resorts around the world, including 25 ice and snow resorts
    • 82 %

      Sanya ytlantis had an average occupancy rate of 82% in 2023

    • 10 Championships

      Wolves’e-sports teams won 10 championships across various e-sports events in 2023. Honor of Kings team and Speed Drifters team have clinched nine and ten championships, respectively
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