Talent, the most valuable asset of Fosun

We gather top talent with entrepreneurial spirit across the globe.

Fosuners share and practice the Group’s values. We are self-motivated fast-learners who constantly create value. We are professionals with extensive knowledge of the industry, cross-regional experience and leading position in the world. Fosun will continue to cultivate top talent with outstanding performance and high potential across the globe.

Strive To Build A Learning Organization

Fosun Global Leadership Academy

We have built a comprehensive learning and development system, and established Fosun Global Leadership Academy, which has become an accelerator for developing exceptional entrepreneurial leadership. As an internal training department and a platform for incubating innovative thinking, Fosun Global Leadership Academy draws up talent development plans according to Fosun’s development strategy, integrates internal and external training resources in a timely manner and organizes cross-functional sharing, program-learning and case study. Fosun Global Leadership Academy encourages “lifelong learning” and aims to find, train and reserve savvy business professionals and high-potentials for the Group.

  • FOSTAR Training Camp

    Designed for management trainees from campus recruitment, we conduct a series of endurance training, cross-functional/ customized rotation, professional competence training and executive coaching mechanism to help new FOSTARs learn the ropes in the workplace from student, develop the future backbone of Fosun and young partners at the management level.

  • Fosun Youth Training Camp

    Designed for youth with high potential, the training camp is an important stage of Fosun’s future entrepreneur training program and an incubator for the rapid growth of Fosun Youth with excellent high-potential. Through the nearly one-year project cycle, we develop Fosun’s fast-growing stars and enhance the competency and leadership of Fosun high-potential youth.

  • CXO Training Camp

    Designed for current and future CXOs, combining the Group's strategy, theoretical knowledge and actual campaigns, internal and external expert lecturers are invited to launch problem-solving training activities through group classes and workshops on and off-line, aiming to cultivate executive talents with entrepreneurial spirit who recognize Fosun's strategic vision and cultural values. In 2022, Fosun launched a CXO training camp sub-program, CHO Training Camp to organize functional CHO and business CHO of “ONE Fosun” to learn together, solving practical problems and improving organizational ability by combining theory with practice.

  • Chairman and CEO Coaching Program

    Designed for current and future Chairman/CEOs, centering on “Leadership, Fosun FC2M Strategy, Vision with Global Perspective”, we carried out multiple practical training sessions and adopted various methods, such as teaching and mentoring, brainstorming and collective efforts, and industry benchmarking, enabling employees to learn through practice and align their actions with the strategies, so as to identify and train future corporate leaders of Fosun.

  • 复星全球领导力项目

    Designed for current and future overseas senior management, the Global Leadership Program, jointly launched by Fosun Global Leadership Academy and Fosun Overseas Operation Committee, is intended to cultivate senior management with global vision for ONE Fosun. Through senior management sharing, professional lectures and teamwork of creation and research, the program provided open-minded and result-oriented managers with resources and channels such as international social connections, Fosun know-how, leadership building insight and inspiration.

Committed to Creating a Happiness Ecosystem and Sharing Happiness with Employees

All-round care for employees

  • Comprehensive Business Insurance

    Fosun provides employees with endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund and supplementary commercial insurance as well as insurance for their family members, supporting employees every step of the way.

  • Diverse Health Care

    Fosun provides employees with annual physical examinations, health service packages, diverse recreational and sports activities, and the "Fosun Warmth EAP" mental health program, encouraging employees to work and live healthily and happily.

  • Heart-warming Gifts

    The unique monthly welfare program takes note of all kinds of holidays, offering family-oriented gifts to employees on each holiday such as Children's Day parent-child gifts, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival gift boxes.

  • Enriched Fosun Ecosystem Benefits

    Fosun offers employees comprehensive benefits in the Fosun Happiness Ecosystem and organizes two major family season activities each year, namely “515 Fosun Family Day” and “920 Fosun Family Season”, online happiness live stream and offline happiness bazaars covering all aspects of work and life, creating more happiness experiences for employees.

“Six-Star Plan” for Ecosystem Employee Experience

Fosun's “Six-StarPlan” for ESG ecosystem employee experience is Fosun's main platform to delvedeeper into employee career cycle management and integrate Fosun's corporateculture and Fosun's Happiness ecosystem. The “Six-Star Plan” aims tocomprehensively enhance the employee experience of Fosuners, and whileassisting the implementation of organizational strategies, it also creates moreecosystem experience touchpoints by building various scenarios, integratingemployees’ work and family life, thereby achieving the sustainability of FC2Mand ecosystem value, sharing happiness with every employee and family.

Employee Activities
  • Corporate Culture Activities

    Connect Fosuners with warmth. We unite with various ecosystem enterprises around the world to organize Fosun Ambassador, cultural story competition, staff variety shows and other cultural-related activities for different groups of people at home and abroad to achieve interconnection and unity among Fosuners from various industries and foster cultural exchanges.

  • Employee Community Activities

    Enjoy your everyday in Fosun, Enjoy your FOSUN DAY. Fosun established the ONE Fosun football league, badminton league, basketball league, King of Glory e-sports, etc.; and formed a basketball club, badminton club, photography club, and Fosun Tai Chi club. The Fosun Labor Union is committed to growing together with its employees and protecting their eternal youth.

  • Employee Public Welfare Activities

    Fosun mobilizes the ONE Fosun ecosystem resources to respond to global needs and create greater social value. Starting from 2022, we have implemented 0.5 day of public welfare leave, established a mechanism to support employees in participating in public welfare, launched WE Volunteer public welfare monthly program and other activities. More and more Fosun employees around the world are enthusiastically participating in public welfare and practicing Fosun’s concept of “Contribution to Society”.

  • 海外文化星使