With Thousands of Families Painting the “Fosun Lifestyle”, the 6th 515 Fosun Family Day is in Full Swing

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On 15 May, a massive scroll unfurled in the central square of Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai. Close to a hundred families collectively painted the "Fosun lifestyle" scroll, illuminating the "star of Fosun". At the same time, thousands of families painted the "Fosun lifestyle" scroll in 20 commercial districts and communities such as Shanghe Yinxiang in Rudong, FOJOY LANE in Tianjin, and FOJOY PLAZA in Chongqing to depict happy cities, conveying the wonderful "Fosun lifestyle".


Themed around the “Fosun lifestyle”, this edition of the Family Day presents high-quality products and services as customer rewards to all families from 11 to 20 May, creating happy experiences online and offline, and encouraging customers to care for their family members, and jointly discover and enjoy the endless wonders of the "Fosun lifestyle".


"Every family consumption scenario holds the infinite potential for happiness. This year marks the 6th edition of the 515 Family Day. Over the past six years, Fosun has leveraged its good products and services to create online and offline happy experiences for millions of families. This marks the operational results of Fosun's focus and in-depth cultivation in the family consumption industry, as well as the goal and direction of its future endeavors," Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International said. Through the popularization of Fosun's good products and the dissemination of the "Fosun lifestyle" concept, countless families have embraced the "Fosun lifestyle". Fosun has made happiness possible, bringing more wonderful, happy moments to each family.


In the Name of “Fosun”, Creating Happiness for Millions of Families


15 May is observed as the International Day of Families. Fosun, as a global innovation-driven consumer group, adheres to the mission of creating happier lives for families worldwide. Since 2019, Fosun has designated 15 May as "Fosun Family Day", collaborating with brands in its ecosystem to give back to its customers.  Through various annual consumer rights day events, Fosun endeavors to create "Fosun lifestyle" family scenarios.


"Thousands of Families Painting the Fosun Lifestyle" serves as the key thematic event for this year's 515 Fosun Family Day, kicking off its debut in Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai. Huang Zhen, Executive President of Fosun International and Chairman of Yuyuan jointly pressed the activation button with family representatives to initiate the 515 Fosun Family Day. He said, "515 Fosun Family Day is a great opportunity for us to deepen our connection with consumers. Fosun will launch thousands of activities to create exceptional 'Fosun' scenarios, providing immersive experiences for customers, and offering exclusive benefits to family customers, leading the way in happy living."


At the event, close to a hundred families painted on the massive scroll, depicting happy family life with vibrant colors. The 515 Fosun Family Day features a series of family-themed activities, bringing the "Fosun lifestyle" experience to millions of families.


The BFC Fengjing Weekend Market will kick off the Bund Pop Season, centering around three main themes: the "Fosun-style" family scenario for parents and children, immersive parent-child experience, and emotional wellness with activities including "Hello, Mom!" immersive, interactive experience, parent-child balcony yoga sessions, BFC FITNESS Pilates classes, and the Bund Pop Living Festival. In addition, the Alps No-Dress-Code Ski Festival at the Taicang Alps Resort will embark on its second season, encouraging skiers to embrace creativity and self-expression through their attire on the slopes; on 20 May, Lovelink will launch a love confession event in Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, FOJOY PLAZA in Chongqing, and IPIC Theater Center in Shenzhen, bringing endless "Fosun lifestyle" splendor to millions of families.


Embracing new trends to offer delightful surprises


The "515 Fosun Family Day" is also a key event organized by Fosun in response to the the 5th "Double Five Shopping Festival" in Shanghai. Aligning with the theme of this year’s shopping festival, Fosun organized over 600 exciting activities across more than 10 of its commercial districts such as Woli City in Shanghai, FOJOY PLAZA, Shanghe Yinxiang in Rudong, and Shengjing Longcheng in Shenyang during the May Day holiday period. These activities resulted in a significant boost in foot traffic and popularity in the key commercial districts, created diverse consumption scenarios and drove offline consumption.


The 515 Fosun Family Day offers more innovative and trendy "Fosun lifestyle" experience to further stimulate consumption. The "Delightful Garden" in Yuyuan Garden, the event's main venue, brings young families back their childhood. Yuyuan Garden features the joys of childhood - vintage toys, traditional nursery rhymes, childhood snacks in the bustling concession stands in longtang (alley), the game rooms where children are reluctant to leave, and the living rooms where families watch television together... Here, families can revisit their childhood memories, enhancing family bonds, embracing the warmth of family, and carrying forward the significance of “family”.


Forte Woli City in Shanghai will launch a series of activities for the FOJOY Pop Toy Festival, creating diverse consumption scenarios to drive offline consumption growth. Centering around three major themes of parent-child "Fosun-style" family scenarios, "Fosun-style" gatherings and interactive activities, and "Fosun-style" love confessions, the activities include parent-child painting session, children’s charity flea market, KTV competition, and couple photoshoots, bringing diverse "Fosun-style" experience to millions of families. In addition, Shede will hold hundreds of "aged spirits private tasting banquets" nationwide, offering an experience to enjoy aged spirits in modern and trendy settings. Shede will also launch a themed campaign to give blessings to newlyweds on 20 May and 21 May. These exciting activities will not only foster relationships between consumers and brands, but also create new popular consumption destinations. 


Empowered by member benefits, 515 Fosun Family Day issues a wealth of coupons


In addition to organizing trendy activities, Fosun's brands are rolling out a wealth of coupons across the seven major family consumer scenarios covering "dining, drinking, entertainment, leisure, health, wellness, and wealth management" both online and offline.


On 515 Fosun Family Day, Fosun collaborated with Alipay to host a dedicated live streaming session, offering major discounts on quality Fosun products such as Atlantis Sanya family vacation package, Taicang Alps ski pass, and Laomiao gold pendant. Fosun also partnered with OCJ.COM.CN to hold a dedicated live streaming session on Wechat Channels, offering attractive deals on products such as Club Med Lijiang in-depth tour, Laomiao gold bar and gold jewelry, and Tong Han Chun Tang American ginseng.


Moreover, members can enjoy double growth value and a bonus of 1,000 points by booking through FORYOU Club between 11 to 20 May. From 15 to 19 May, Fosun will partner with Alipay to hold "Super Brand Day", offering huge discounts on selected travel products. Fosun has carefully selected close to a hundred premium products spanning categories such as gold jewelry, tourism, and beverages, to unveil the extraordinary "Fosun lifestyle" through diverse and engaging promotional activities. On 16 May, Fosun Tourism Group (FTG) will host a special event featuring a lucky draw for the limited edition Hermès collaboration merchandise. In addition, FTG will launch a new content IP "Fosun Travel Plan" in collaboration with popular influencers on Xiaohongshu (RED) to offer free stays at Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing and Club Med Urban Oasis Taicang.


A wealth of incredible member benefits, including product discounts, member rights and privileges, and VIP-exclusive offers, await! Yuyuan Commerce will issue a wealth of consumption coupons for both new and existing members; Laomiao Gold will organize more than ten salon events with the theme of “With Good Luck, I Pursue My Fosun Lifestyle” to invite VIPs to participate in experiences such as jewelry appreciation; FOYO LIFE will launch a special "family package" valued at RMB515 for only RMB5.15; on 15 May, Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, Songyuelou, Shanghai Classical Restaurant, and Lubolang offered discounted family set menus, stacked discounts on selected coupons and double reward points, enabling millions of families to partake in this wonderful consumption extravaganza.