“Together For a Better Life · Fosun Holiday Night” Fosun Foundation 11th Anniversary Charity Ceremony Successfully Concludes

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On the evening of 21 December, “Together For a Better Life · Fosun Holiday Night” Fosun Foundation 11th Anniversary Charity Ceremony was held at the Shanghai Symphony Hall to commend charitable individuals and enterprises of the year and unveil the launch of the Xin-Ling Guardianship Program (心玲守护), a program focusing on children’s mental health. Zhang Jiemin, conductor in residence of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Fang Qiong, soprano, Yang Tingting, the cultural promotion ambassador of Fosun Foundation and pipa player, and others performed in a charity concert that harmoniously combined Chinese and Western cultures.



Wang Jianming, member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, said in his opening speech that, “As a representative of private enterprises, Fosun has made great contributions in the field of public welfare over the years, continuously exerting its influence through a number of innovative public welfare programs, showcasing the sense of national identity, social responsibility and compassionate dedication of Shanghai’s private enterprises in the new era! We will continue to serve as a bridge and bond between caring enterprises and local government departments so as to contribute to the high-quality development of the society and economy."



Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of Fosun Tourism Group, said: “As early as the beginning of our business, Fosun has established the corporate values of ‘Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance and Contribution to Society'. ‘Contribution to Society’ is our original aspiration when we started the company and has been guiding us all along. The growth of an enterprise is not only about the accumulation of business achievements, but also its contribution and responsibility to society. Through the platform of Fosun Foundation, we gather the loving power of the whole society, address pain points and difficulties in society, promote the spirit of philanthropy, and fulfill our original aspiration of ‘Contribution to Society.’”


As the title sponsor of this year’s Charity Ceremony, Fosun Tourism Group worked with Fosun Foundation to carry out public welfare activities in rural revitalization, youth education, environmental protection and other fields in the past year, including “Simple Foliday Living Festival” at Club Med Lijiang to support rural doctors and set the stage for rural revitalization; on the occasion of the opening of Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing, it announced funding for the Rural Doctors Program; and cooperated with Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) at Taicang Alps Resort to support young people in pursuing art and art education; provided marine education to youth at Atlantis Sanya to help protect marine wildlife, etc.


Cao Minglong, President and COO of Fosun Tourism Group, said: "The tourism industry is closely related to the environment, economy and society. As an important carrier for people's pursuit of a better life, the tourism industry has continued to show its increasing social value. Fosun Tourism Group has always adhered to Fosun's original aspiration of ‘Contribution to Society’ and is committed to the mission of ‘Better Holiday, Better Life’. In the future, we look forward to working with Fosun Foundation and more partners to explore more new possibilities for public welfare, striving to enhance social well-being, and gathering more love and kindness.”


Xin-Ling Guardianship Program, a program focusing on children’s mental health was officially launched


Xin-Ling Guardianship Program, a program focusing on children’s mental health, jointly initiated by StarKids Children’s Hospital  Shanghai, Fosun Health and Ms. Lin Chiling was officially launched at the event.


Xin-Ling Guardianship Program aims to call on society, schools and parents to pay attention to the identification and response to children’s mental health issues. The program protects children’s mental health through multiple measures including advocacy and publicity, screening and filing, fundraising for children with severe mental illness, and providing education outreach to schools and parents.


A program representative said that the program has successively organized activities such as mental health screening and filing, counseling, and stress relief activities for 3,000 students in six schools including Taiwanese Children's School and Minhang Foreign Language Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). In the future, the program will be promoted in 60 schools in Shanghai and 100,000 student families to protect the physical and mental health of more children.



The 6th ONE FOSUN Charity Week successfully concluded


With the successful holding of the charity concert, the two-week 2023 ONE FOSUN Charity Week came to a successful conclusion. In 2023, employees of Fosun's member companies at home and abroad fulfilled their commitment to provide 30,000 hours of public welfare participation in 52 public welfare programs and individual cases, embarking on a journey towards a brighter life with families worldwide.


Three honors were awarded at the Charity Ceremony, namely "2023 Fosun Charitable Global Partner", "2023 Fosun Charitable Enterprise", and "2023 Fosun Charity Special Contribution Award", recognizing the winners’ outstanding performance in supporting the Rural Doctors Program and empowering rural revitalization, youth education and other public welfare programs this year.


Cao Minglong, President and COO of Fosun Tourism Group, and Hu Hang, CEO of Fosun Health and President of Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital, received "2023 Fosun Charitable Global Partner"


Fidelidade, Shanghai Henlius and Shede Spirits received "2023 Fosun Charitable Enterprise"


Nanjing Iron & Steel Group, Wanbang Biopharma and Fosun Sports received "2023 Fosun Charity Special Contribution Award"


Wang Jinyuan, Honorary Chairman of Fosun Foundation and Chairman of Fosun Foundation (Shanghai), said: "This year marks the 11th anniversary of Fosun Foundation and the 6th year of the Charity Ceremony. With a more international perspective and innovative approaches, we have integrated public welfare and business to empower growth in both aspects. We have also paid greater attention to the actual needs of beneficiaries, undertaking more targeted and constructive philanthropic efforts. Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold Fosun's original aspiration of "Contribution to Society" and collaborate with more high-quality international resources, steering towards a brighter life with all.”