Protechting Connect: Innovation & Networking Event

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Lisbon, 10 November 2023 - The 14 startups that will be presented at the Fidelidade stand at the Websummit have already been chosen. The selected startups will begin the evaluation process in the Protechting programme, an open innovation programme organised by Fidelidade, Luz Saúde and Fosun, which is now in its 6th edition.


In this 6th edition of Protechting, 259 applications were received from startups from 57 countries. Of the 34 startups that were selected for the interview round, 13 were Portuguese startups and 21 were international startups, with 75.83 per cent in healthtech, 14.7 per cent in insurtech and 11.7 per cent in techenablers. After a rigorous selection process involving different business areas of Fidelidade, Luz Saúde and Fosun, 14 Startups* were selected including 8 Portuguese startups and 6 international startups.


These Startups will be present on the Fidelidade and Protechting Startup Island at the WebSummit.


The 6th edition began in June 2023, with recruitment and selection in September, training in October and after the selection process that is currently underway, the pilot phase will follow between January and March, and the Demo day will take place in April.


Fidelidade and Fosun continue to believe that entrepreneurship is an essential source of innovation in building the societies of the future, as Miguel Abecasis, a member of Fidelidade's Executive Committee, and Lingjiang Xu, Fosun Chief Representative in Portugal, said in their speeches at the Protechting Connect event.



Miguel Abecasis said: "There are three axes to Fidelidade’s innovation strategy: open innovation, it is to bring innovation from the outside in and putting it at the service of our business, the development of new ventures and fostering and integrating into the venture capital and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Protechting has been fundamental to the development of the 1st axis, allowing us to meet and select startups with enormous value and which, in some cases, are already working with the Group, both in the core insurance business and in the areas beyond insurance, making a decisive contribution to their development."


Miguel Abecasis,

Executive Board Member of Fidelidade


Li Haifeng, Chairman of Fosun Foundation said, "We hope that the future will give greater attention to science, young scientists, innovation and the promotion of technology for the good of society. Fosun Foundation will continue to support the integration of high-quality resources, both domestically and internationally, helping Protechting to consolidate its presence in all the countries where the Fidelidade Group is present, while also helping startups to explore the Chinese market, capture new-age trends and promote the high-quality development of the industry.”


Lingjiang Xu said: "The Protechting programme began in 2016 as a joint initiative between Fosun Foundation, Fidelidade and Luz Saúde. Since then, Protechting and its three sponsors have consistently pursued the goal of promoting innovation among young talent in fintech, insurtech, healthcare and ESG. Thanks to the active participation of all of you and your predecessors, Protechting has grown from an innovation platform centred in Portugal to an international brand with a positive social impact in more and more countries and regions.”

Lingjiang Xu,

Fosun Chief Representative in Portugal


Francisca Leite from Hospital da Luz Learning Health said: "At Luz Saúde, we recognise that healthcare is a complex system, increasingly challenged by new and complex diseases, with advanced diagnostics and treatments, supported by intricate processes and an organisation that has to be both efficient and effective. Realising this diversity, we are committed to a collaborative and networked approach to innovation, involving partners from different areas, including academia, industry and, especially, startups. Protechting is fundamental to this transformation, putting us in contact with startups of excellence that bring innovative solutions, leading us towards a future in which healthcare responds effectively to people's needs.


Francisca Leite

from Hospital da Luz Learning Health


Protechting continues to focus on Insurtech and Healthtech, welcoming solutions linked to Longevity and Sustainability, challenges that the selected Startups are trying to help answer with their collaborative proposals.


In Healthtech, the startups presented effective and sustainable solutions to improve people's health and well-being through technology in healthcare.


Protechting, developed in this 6th edition with the support of Fábrica de Startups, and in close collaboration with Venture Capital partners Shilling and Big Start Ventures, aims to foster a culture of welcoming and developing innovation, facilitating access to essential resources for the evolution and realisation of business ideas.



Agit | Portugal


Agit offers virtual fitness programmes with Artificial Intelligence-based training monitoring and real-time coaching. With smartphone camera, physical exercises are identified in real time.


Balvia | Portugal

Balvia is a pioneer in technology-based solutions that empower elderly patients and carers, increasing medication adherence, communication, and overall quality of life through automatic pill dispensing devices.


Binedge | Portugal

Binedge offers solution that optimises Artificial Intelligence to guarantee speed and efficiency, developed to improve model performance and reduce operating costs. | Espanha

Embedded Insurance 2.0 with a strong commitment to helping companies improve their financial performance, focuses on reducing product returns and cart abandonment, while increasing conversion rates and average transaction value.


DeepKeep | Israel


DeepKeep’s MLProtect solution offers a set of integrated tools for Data, IT and Operations teams to obtain security, visibility and control over the health of production models automatically.


eBreathie | Portugal


eBreathie is a Lisbon-based B2B startup that has developed a medical device to change the lives of asthma patients through a device, an app and a clinical platform that will revolutionise the way doctors and patients manage and monitor illnesses.


Glooma | Portugal


Glooma is a healthcare startup, created to empower women with breast self-exam, helping them act sooner upon finding abnormalities in the breast and striving for an earlier diagnosis of breast cancer.


GripWise | Portugal


GripWise is a cloud-based system that collects data with the aim of helping users maintain their health and quality of life as they age. With adaptable and intelligent technology for professionals, it offers strength assessment in a simple and fast way.


i-Virtual | França


i-Virtual boosts prevention and health data monitoring through cutting-edge technology, with a solution that allows physiological parameters to be measured through a simple 30-second video.


Infinite Foundry | Portugal



Infinite Foundry is a 3D digital plant platform that improves production and efficiency in any industrial sector. The digital twin replicates reality in 3D to improve the precision of operations management control and for virtual operator training.


Momentum Health | Canadá



Momentum Health is a 3D digital remote health platform that manages the treatment of scoliosis and other deformities. Its state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to monitor the curvature of the spine and track changes over time.


Musiquence Technologies | Portugal


Musiquence Technologies offers solutions for motor and cognitive stimulation. Healthcare professionals can develop stimulation activities and exercises based on music and memory using the Musiquence Game Editor.


Selfit Medical | Israel



Selfit Medical uses robots to support the elderly population in therapeutic treatments and cognitive stimulation.


Sensomatt | Portugal


Sensomatt offers solution that revolutionises healthcare for wheelchair patients with a cushion that prevents injuries and promotes well-being, powered by Artificial Intelligence.