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The eighth theme month of WE Volunteer – October’s "Care for the Animals Month" comes to a close! Animals are our friends, and it is our duty to take care of them. In order to let more pay attention to caring for animal, we have actively expanded ecological resources both at home and abroad, and organized a variety of activities to pass on the public welfare concepts of respecting life, caring for life and protecting life!


Take a look at what long-term animal care programs we have!


Wolves participated in

#WorldWithoutNature campaign


To mark World Wildlife Day 2023, Wolves have responded to World Wildlife Fund(WWF)'s #WorldWithoutNature campaign by temporarily removing nature-related image and other elements from the club's website and digital platforms. This is the fourth year that the Wolves have removed the image of the wolf from their badge, with the aim of showing wildlife animals is disappearing. By doing so, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues and the loss of biodiversity.


Walking into Rescuers' Homes, Caring for Stray Animals


Two members of Wolf Team, Xiangyu and Yisheng, after participating in pet adoption activities together earlier this year, went to visit rescuers who have long been concerned about stray animals and learn about the actual situation of rescuing small animals. Together with the rescuers, they called for "stop straying with love, replace injuries with care, and adopting instead of buying".



What’s more, with the active promotion of FOSTARs, Woli City became a new partner of Pet Adoption, and carried out 1 relative activities during October.4 Fosun employees participated in a pet adoption activity at Woli City. They negotiate with potential adopters, introduced animals' backgrounds and personality traits, and helped them to be adopted by new families.


During the National Day holiday, one Fosun volunteer joined the event held at THE HOB Mall and successfully found a new home for an animal. She also handed out small gifts to get passers-by to pay attention to the concept of adopting instead of buying!



Pet Adoption Program Vol. 03



Pet Adoption Program during National Day holiday


Pet Friendly Mall BFC


As a pioneer of practicing pet-friendly policies and a pet-friendly landmark in Shanghai, BFC not only has clearly defined indoor and outdoor spaces for pet activities, but also organizes a variety of regular pet events in collaboration with its tenants to create a pet-friendly atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that BFC has "hired" two working dogs, "Baidou" and "Xiaojiu", to interact with people in the office building. They not only have plenty of time to rest, but also have they unique uniforms. They recently got new uniforms and will wear them to support the Wolves Team on their competition.



BFC takes care of stray animals. The store manager cat of "Kyoto House" on the first floor, "Million Jing", was once a stray tangerine and now work every weekday at noon on time to welcome customers. In addition, BFC also rescued two stray corgis and helped them find new homes.


In order to thank "Baidou" and "Xiaojiu" for their hard work throughout the year, BFC organized an exclusive award ceremony for them.BFC Mall has always been a supporter, advocater and forerunner of "pet-friendliness".




Fidelidade Comunidade Prize supports social organization Kokua


The Fidelidade Comunidade Prize is awarded to social organisations in Portugal that have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of social care and the well-being of citizens, and Kokua is one of the winners of the Prize. The organization is dedicated to enhancing the autonomy and well-being of people with special needs through the assistance of assistance dogs (such as assistance dogs for the physical, intellectual, mental, emotional and psychological needs). With funding from the Fidelidade Comunidade award, the association purchased an air-conditioned van capable of transporting assistance dogs.



In addition, there were other exciting activities!


Hearing Aid Donation Program


On October 22nd, Fosun Foundation cooperates with FUCONG, Signia, Widex, Huangpu District Civil Affairs Bureau, and Huangpu District Disabled Persons’ Federation in the theme activity of "Respect for the Elders Day", we donated 40 hearing aids to the hearing-impaired elders in Huangpu District to improve their quality of life.



Environmental Protection Program


In order to enrich the CSR activities of Fosun employees, we cooperated with MAYI to open up the recycling path of unused items belonging to them, so that they can participate in CSR activities remotely, emphasize the value of unused items, and contribute to a eco-friendly future!



In October, we cooperated with 6 Fosun ecosystem partners, including Chongqing Wolves, Fosun Global Leadership Academy, Woli City, BFC Bund Finance Center, Fidelidade, and Wolves. We also received strong support from four external partners, including the 15 Year Program, Signia, Widex, and the Huangpu District Civil Affairs Bureau, which allowed more groups to get involved in this program.


WE Volunteer


To fulfill Fosun Group's commitment of 30,000 annual volunteer hours by its employees, and to practice the initial intention of " Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance, and Contribution to society" the WE Volunteer employee volunteer project was launched. Each month, a different theme is set and Fosun ecosystem partners are invited to initiate a series of activities around their own resource advantages and CSR ideals, attracting Fosun employees to participate and co-create, to build a more open and inclusive corporate CSR culture and atmosphere.


Make A Lasting Impact Together.