The 11th Shanghai New Customization Week Opens, Taking Oriental Life Aesthetics to Greater Heights

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Source: Shanghai International Fashion Federation

On the evening of 16 November, the 11th Shanghai New Customization Week (SNCW) organized by the Shanghai International Fashion Federation (SHIFF) kicked off at the Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) in the Grand Yuyuan. Themed around "Boundless Oriental Beauty", this year's SNCW runs until 20 November, covering a series of fashion and cultural events such as the product launches, academic summits, immersive interactive exhibitions, regular exhibitions, and customization experience at the Fosun Foundation (Shanghai), The Bund Finance Center (BFC), Yuyuan Tourist Mart and other places.

The wonderful shows, exhibitions and other events will enable the SNCW to successfully break through the boundaries of industries, cultures, ages, and even dimensions. Starting from this year, SNCW will be established at the Grand Yuyuan all year round to jointly create a highland for China's fashion and cultural industries. At the same time, this year’s SNCW has also began the research on "Constructing the Core Theory and Classification Practice System of Oriental Life Aesthetics". Through the two platforms of SNCW and the Grand Yuyuan, the combination of theory and practice will help Shanghai to comprehensively improve its leadership in the country, radiate the Asia-Pacific region, and influence the world with its urban soft power.

Xu Xiaoliang, Chairman of Shanghai International Fashion Federation and Co-CEO of Fosun International

Xu Xiaoliang, Chairman of Shanghai International Fashion Federation and Co-CEO of Fosun International said that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held. Standing at a new starting point, SNCW will seize the favorable timing, geographical advantage and human resources in the new era:

Regarding favorable timing, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly pointed out that we should continue to enhance the influence of Chinese civilization, refine and display the spirit and cultural essence of Chinese civilization, accelerate the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system, tell China’s stories well, and spread China’s voices well. The oriental life aesthetics is the best approach and starting point.

In terms of geographical advantage, the development of SNCW is inseparable from Shanghai. Shanghai has always been leading the fashion industry in China, and has also become the main stage for domestic fashion enterprises and talents to go global and the bridgehead for overseas fashion industries to venture into the domestic market. By 2025, Shanghai will form a trillion yuan fashion consumer market with a demonstrative role. The Grand Yuyuan will be the new face of the city created by Fosun to support the construction of Shanghai's design capital and fashion capital. In the future, we will build an oriental life aesthetics ecosystem for the incubation, growth, exchange and symbiosis of global fashion and creative industries in the Grand Yuyuan, and build the Grand Yuyuan into a global fashion and cultural venue with the charm of oriental life aesthetics. As the first fashion and cultural event launched after the official announcement of the Grand Yuyuan, the future SNCW will usher in a greater stage, and carry out exchanges with the global new customization.

As for human resources, SHIFF has set up a new board of directors after the election of the general assembly, which will release new vitality. Fosun is also honored to be the new chairman unit. As a consumer group rooted in China with a global presence, Fosun will actively empower the development of SHIFF and SNCW through globalized products, industries and scenarios in the future.

Founded in 2014, the SNCW is initiated and hosted by the SHIFF. With the support of various government departments, after years of polishing and precipitation, it has gradually developed into a promotion and support platform for Chinese high-end boutique brands, gathering high-end industries, talents, brands, organizational output standards, etc.

The SNCW aims to advocate "Oriental Life Aesthetics", and through the main channels such as brand launches, exhibitions and sale, and themed salon, it will further realize the creation of haute couture brands, the agglomeration of haute couture brands, the incubation of haute couture talents, the construction of high-end brand economy and operation mode, etc., to promote fashion consumption.

Yin Zi (left), Executive Vice President of Shanghai International Fashion Federation;  Ni Qiang (right), Rotating President of Yuyuan 

The 11th SNCW is also the first large-scale fashion and cultural event after the announcement of the Grand Yuyuan. At the opening ceremony of the SNCW, SHIFF and Yuyuan reached a long-term strategic cooperation that the SNCW will be established at the Grand Yuyuan all year round. Yin Zi, Executive Vice President of SHIFF, and Ni Qiang, Rotating President of Yuyuan signed the contract at the opening ceremony.

In September this year, the Yuyuan consortium was confirmed to be the primary developer of the land plot on Fuyou Road, which is a major part of the Grand Yuyuan. As a result, the construction of the Grand Yuyuan with a total construction area of over one million square meters officially kicked off. According to the plan, the Grand Yuyuan will be built into a global fashion and cultural venue with the charm of oriental life aesthetics, and complete the "Oriental life aesthetics design demonstration hub", becoming a new landmark of Shanghai. Without a doubt, the cooperation between the Grand Yuyuan and SNCW will complement each other by combining their strengths.

Yin Zi, Co-founder of SNCW and Executive Vice President of SHIFF said:

The landing of SNCW in the Grand Yuyuan also helps outline the future development of SNCW and the SHIFF in Shanghai, Huangpu, and the Bund. SNCW and the SHIFF will be based in Shanghai, Huangpu, and the Bund, allowing the "Paris of the Far East" to continue to lead Chinese fashion, bring China's beauty to the world, and introduce global trends to China. Adhering to Shanghai’s character of "openness, innovation, and inclusion", SNCW and SHIFFF will join forces to continuously establish a leading role in the fashion industry so as to improve the quality of the fashion industry, open up a broader space for development and take it to greater heights.

The launch of new fashion products that brings together the latest Chinese original designs remains the highlight of this year's SNCW: 2022AW haute couture collection "Narcissus", With the brand philosophy of "Elegance, Quality, and Inheritance”, ADORIT is committed to combining the top European fabrics with the art of Chinese embroidery, illustrating the life of modern Chinese elite women with the fusion of east and west.

The innovative and high-quality design concept caters to the preferences of Generation Z, and incorporates Western art while promoting traditional aesthetics. As the opening show of this year's SNCW, it conveys the aesthetic concept that SNCW always abides by.

AGIC Fashion Show 2022, “East and West”

2022 Night at Dongjia, Rhyming in the Name of Song Aura

Oriental Life Aesthetics Summit

WJX By Vanessa Ye 2023 haute couture collection

GRACE CHEN 2022FW haute couture collection, “Dream of the Red Chamber”

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SNCW will continue to bring a variety of events in the coming week. On 17 November, AGIC and Shanghai Watch will jointly present the AGIC Fashion Show 2022, “East and West”; while 2022 Night at Dongjia, “Rhyming in the Name of Song Aura” will kick off at Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) on 18 November.

On 19 November, Shanghai Society of Aesthetics, SHIFF and Yuyuan will bring together well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to host the first Oriental Life Aesthetics Summit; WJX By Vanessa Ye 2023 Haute Couture Collection. On 20 November, GRACE CHEN will present the one of the Chinese classical literature, "Dream of the Red Chamber" GRACE CHEN 2022FW haute couture collection at the finale of this SNCW .