Fosun Makes an Effort to Build the Grand Yuyuan with Oriental Life Aesthetics

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(20 September 2022) As an important component of the first World Design Cities Conference (WDCC), the thematic event “Design for Happiness - Oriental Life Aesthetics Night” was held at the Binjiang Esports Stadium in Huangpu District, Shanghai on the evening of 17 September 2022. Ruan Li, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Wang Nai, Deputy Chief of Huangpu District, Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of Shanghai International Fashion Federation, and Qi Zhixiang, President of Shanghai Aesthetics Society, attended the event. 

The masterpiece of Shanghai urban design, the Grand Yuyuan’s "Oriental Life Aesthetics Design Demonstration Hub" was officially launched at the event. On 1 September, Yuyuan, the flagship platform of Fosun's Happiness segment, joined hands with partners and became the primary developer of the land plot on Fuyou Road. Upon development of the Fuyou Road project, it will form the "Grand Yuyuan" together with the existing Yuyuan Tourist Mart, the Bund Finance Center, and the Yuyuan Phase II project that is about to start.

Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of Shanghai International Fashion Federation, said: "Design comes from life and serves life. It is a communication medium across regions, ethnicities and cultures, and it is also the common aspiration of people around the world for good things and a good life. Oriental life aesthetics is the essence of Chinese design and the common language of global design. Fosun and Yuyuan are honored to be the developers of the 'Grand Yuyuan'. In the future, we will build an ‘Oriental Life Aesthetics Design Demonstration Hub’ to create better experience for families, build an extraordinary venue around the century-old Bund, provide stronger momentum for urban development, and contribute 'the Power of Fosun' to building Shanghai into a world-class city of design and enhancing the soft power of Shanghai.”

The “Grand Yuyuan” will be positioned as a global fashion and cultural venue with the charm of oriental life aesthetics. The design concepts of oriental life aesthetics will be highly integrated to the sustainable planning and development of large-scale cultural and commercial blocks and the renovation and conservation of old buildings, so as to present the scientific, forward-looking and uniqueness of Shanghai urban renewal projects in urban planning and design, architectural design, etc. In the subsequent development and operation of the "Grand Yuyuan”, Fosun will build an oriental life aesthetics ecosystem for the incubation, growth, exchange and symbiosis of global innovative and creative industries, such as introducing international fashion and creative academies, establishing a fashion capital resource center, building an international level fashion event service platform, to further promote the construction of Shanghai into a world-class city of design.

At the thematic event, two major projects centered around the "Oriental Life Aesthetics Design Demonstration Hub", were announced, namely the “2023 Yuyuan New Year Folk Experience” and the first “Oriental Craftsman Ceremony.” During the “2023 Yuyuan New Year Folk Experience,” the newly upgraded Yuyuan Garden light show will integrate elements from "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" and local culture to provide audiences with a sensational experience. The first “Oriental Craftsman Ceremony” will bring together leading craftsmen and intangible cultural heritage bearers from all over the country, including academic and industry experts, master craftsmen and young artists and present traditional Chinese culture and arts to the world with a contemporary approach through forums, exhibitions, selections, markets, and other activities.

In the evening, the Shanghai International Fashion Federation joined hands with many brands to present the "Oriental Haute Couture, the Pinnacle of Aesthetics - Design for a Brighter Life" fashion show, demonstrating Chinese contemporary fashion design. It also announced that the 11th Shanghai Haute Couture Week will be held at the Grand Yuyuan.

In addition, the third "920 Fosun Family Season" themed around "Sharing Happiness" was officially launched at the event. Focusing on household consumption scenarios, this year's family season will give full play to the M-end capabilities of more than 80 brands under Fosun, and provide families with happy experience in Health, Happiness and Wealth through customization, service innovation, user engagement, and product co-creation.