Fosun International Receives “Excellent Brand Inheritance Award”

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(5May 2023)The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Bay Area (GBA) Economic and Trade Association held the Hong Kong SAR 25th Anniversary Outstanding Enterprise Awards ceremony at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong on 28 April, and Fosun International was awarded the “Hong Kong SAR 25th Anniversary Outstanding Enterprise – Excellent Brand Inheritance Award” in recognition of its active promotion of economic development in Hong Kong SAR and the world, and its proactive commitment to corporate social responsibility for many years, leveraging the advantages of Fosun’s global industrial ecosystem to continuously do good for the world and establish an influential and excellent brand image that can be inherited.


The judging committee of the GBA Economic and Trade Association pointed out that Fosun, which is rooted in China, has been developing globally. It is one of the few domestic companies that is equipped with global operations and investment capabilities, and has accumulated profound technology and innovation capabilities. The globalization journey of Fosun started in 2007 when Fosun International was listed in Hong Kong. After nearly 16 years, Fosun has established business presence in various fields in more than 35 countries and regions around the world, with43 overseas brand enterprises. Over the years, Fosun has gradually deepened and expanded its global operations. With the global operation capability of“global organization + local operations”, Fosun has been actively promoting the sustainable development of China and the world.


Fosun’s Anti-pandemic Efforts Demonstrate its Corporate Social Responsibility


The judging committee of the GBA Economic and Trade Association said that the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world since the beginning of 2020 has posed huge challenges for companies around the world. However, Fosun has shown strong resilience and adaptability in mitigating the impact of the pandemic.In 2022, in the face of many challenges in the external environment, Fosun firmly promoted the strategy of focusing on its core businesses, made clear the positioning of “a global innovation-driven consumer group” and the mission of “serving one billion families worldwide”. Focusing on the consumption needs of families, Fosun has firmly implemented a focused strategy and continued to deepen its industry operations. As a result, all business segments have demonstrated resilience, driving the sustainable growth of the Group’s revenue.While actively responding to the pandemic during the past three years, the Group fully supports the fight against the pandemic, tides over the difficulties with the whole society, demonstrating strong social responsibility and mission.

Iris Law, Assistant to the President of Fosun and Executive Chief Representative of Fosun Hong Kong and Macau Office, accepts the award on stage on behalf of Fosun International

The judging committee specifically pointed out that when the epidemic severely broke out in Hong Kong last year, Fosun immediately donated 115 pieces of anti-epidemic materials to those in need in Hong Kong, including high-risk groups such as the elderly, chronically ill patients, children, and front-line anti-epidemic personnel, and grassroots families. In the fight against the pandemic, Fosun partnered with BioNTech, a German biotechnology company, to jointly develop the Comirnaty (mRNA COVID-19 vaccine). At present, Comirnaty (mRNA COVID-19 vaccine) has fully covered the public and private markets in Hong Kong and Macau. Since its launch to the end of February 2023, more than 31 million doses had been administered in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region, playing an active role in the pandemic prevention and control.



Comirnaty fully covers the public and private markets in Hong Kong and Macau, helping to build an immunity barrier against COVID-19


In addition to the Comirnaty (mRNA COVID-19 vaccine), Fosun Pharma and Henan Genuine Biotech entered into a strategic collaboration on the joint R&D of Azvudine tablets, the first small molecule oral medication for COVID-19 approved for launching in China. In 2022, Azvudine tablets was included in the National Health Commission’s Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 and was covered by the national medical insurance scheme. At the beginning of the new year, Fosun Foundation, together with Fosun Pharma and Henan Genuine Biotech, launched the campaign “A Healthy Winter Action”. As of 6 April 2023, through “A Healthy Winter Action”, more than 289,200 bottles of Azvudine tablets were donated to township health centers and village clinics in 258 counties in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. In doing so, the project played an important role in “protecting people’s health and preventing severe cases” in rural areas.



“A Healthy Winter Action” helps rural communities weather the epidemic


The three-year pandemic has changed people’s life, but Fosun always believes that people’s aspirations for a happier and brighter life remain unchanged regardless of the external situation. Fosun, which just celebrated the 30th year of its establishment, will continue to strengthen innovation, deepen global operations, and refine more good products and services so as to achieve sustainable development for the Group and create happier lives for families worldwide.