A Healthy Winter Action: Second Batch of 19,600 Bottles of Azvudine Delivered to 24 Counties; COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Live-Streaming Training for Rural Doctors Attracted over 1 Million Views

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On January 16, the second stage of “A Healthy Winter Action” initiated by Fosun Foundation in conjunction with other institutions kicked off, with 19,600 bottles of Azvudine gradually shipped to the rural clinics of 24 counties across Sichuan, Chongqing, Gansu, Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Jiangxi provinces. The drugs were donated together with the epidemic prevention packages from many benevolent enterprises and institutions, among which, some medical supplies, such as oxygenators, oximeters, antigen test kits, and N95 masks were much needed in the rural areas.


Care in Action: Second Batch of Drugs and Epidemic Prevention Packages Delivered to 24 Counties

Immediately after the around-the-clock delivery of the first batch of 6,000 bottles of Azvudine in the A Healthy Winter Action, the volunteers from Fosun and the resident teams for Rural Doctors Program in the rural areas started out for the second-stage delivery. 19,600 bottles of Azvudine in 98 cartons were successively shipped out from Shanghai on January 16 and expected to help at least 20,000 villagers, most of whom were seniors over 65, to stay safer amid the epidemic.


In this stage, with the increasing influence of the program, many benevolent enterprises and institutions have joined in, including ICBC, the New Social Stratum “New Philanthropy Program” under the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, Chengdu Charity Federation, Yeswood, Wuxi Qicheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies of Zhejiang University, Jiangsu No. 33 Business Management Co., LTD, Wuxi Yushou Medical Appliances Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tuyue Business Advisory Co., Ltd., Shede Spirits, Jinhui Liquor, Hainan Mining, Golte. The epidemic prevention packages donated by them, including oxygenators, oximeters, and antigen test kits, together with the Azvudine, will substantially help prevent severe cases and mitigate the shortage of medical resources in the rural areas.


On the afternoon of January 16, 1,200 bottles of Azvudine in 6 cartons arrived at Haikou Meilan Airport, Hainan before being immediately sent by the resident team members for Rural Doctors Program and the Health Bureau’s personnel to Lingao, Danzhou and Changjiang counties. On behalf of Fosun Foundation, Guo Fengfang, Fosun’s global partner and president of Hainan Mining, donated 600 bottles of Azvudine and the epidemic packages worth RMB 150,000 to the rural doctors of Lingao County. According to Wang Guanglei, deputy mayor of Lingao County, the medical supplies were really a buffer against the difficulty as the epidemic was at its peak at the time.


At 8 pm on January 16, 3,000 bottles of Azvudine in 15 cartons landed at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Sichuan, which, together with the epidemic packages jointly donated by Fosun Foundation and ICBC, were promptly and successively delivered by Fosun Foundation’s and ICBC’s personnel to Wanyuan, Tongjiang, Nanjiang, Jinyang, and Puge, and then to their respective towns. 600 bottles of Azvudine arrived at Puge County at 3 pm on January 17, upon which, Xu Xinghui, deputy director of the county’s Health Bureau highly appreciated the donation coming just in time before the Spring Festival.


At 6 pm on January 18, escorted by the volunteers Zhao Xing and Wang Huibo from Shede Spirits, a member company of Fosun, and Fosun Trade, as well as Wang Zhenxuan, a child of Fosun’s employee, 3,000 bottles of Azvudine arrived at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Sichuan and was then sent to Shehong, Shimian and Luding counties. When accepting the donation, the director of the Health Bureau, Luding County said, “The medicines will greatly help us keep our rural community safe and prevent severe cases, and ease the increased stress of epidemic prevention in rural areas, given that the Spring Festival and the Tibetan New Year are drawing closer.”


COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Training for Rural Doctors Led by Academicians Officially Launched

With the successive delivery of medicines and supplies, the “A Healthy Winter Action” COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Training for Rural Doctors was live-streamed on the People's Good Doctor app and Fosun Health platform at 6:30 pm on January 18. Chen Erzhen, Bian Xiaolan, Li Qingyun, Jing Feng, Qu Hongping and Lin Feng, six experts from Ruijin Hospital and Hainan General Hospital, gave a two-hour lecture on the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, covering topics such as the early prognosis of the progression from mild/moderate to severe COVID-19, treatment of severe cases, the use of Azvudine, and oxygen therapy. It is reported that more than 1.26 million people nationwide watched this training online and joined the online Q&A session with the experts. Among them, a total of 15,783 rural doctors in 73 counties supported by Fosun Foundation's Rural Doctors Program watched the live broadcast on the Fosun Health platform.


The live training was initiated by Academician Ning Guang, President of Ruijin Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, and Academician Chen Saijuan, Director of Shanghai Guangci Translational Medicine Research Foundation. Experts from more than 20 provinces and cities across China were invited to jointly provide more targeted training for rural doctors to help them better serve the rural community.


It is reported that, in order to further alleviate the medical pressure in rural areas and provide protection for the majority of the rural community, Fosun Health (Cloud Guardian) will provide a platform for expert consultation for rural doctors to help them improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes. Upon registering as a rural doctor through scanning QR code from the doctor version of Fosun Health app and entering the Rural Doctor Guardian section, one can learn more about COVID-19 prevention and control through free phone consultation and video consultation with experts, and get targeted assistance to better protect the villagers.


Previously on January 9, Fosun Foundation, together with Fosun Pharma and Henan Genuine Biotech, announced a donation of RMB 100 million worth of the COVID-19 oral drug Azvudine to rural areas in central and western China. The medicines will be donated to 100 counties in rural areas in stages during the Spring Festival, and all donations will be completed after the Spring Festival.