Solemn Statement

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On 16 September 2022, a document named "Minutes of an Interview with Experts of a Bank" started to spread on the internet and it constituted a malicious defamation of Fosun. It is a complete fabrication. We condemn the act of starting and spreading such malicious rumour and have reported the case to the public security authorities. We vow to have the wrongdoer brought to justice.

We also notice that some people have recently been defaming Fosun by means of fabrication, concocting scenes and starting and circulating malicious rumors in the name of certain professionals, insiders or even professional institutions. They spread such rumours and lies through various channels such as internet in order to short Fosun’s shares. This has seriously harmed the reputation and interests of Fosun.

We have taken and will continue to pursue all possible steps to stop such illegal behaviors and to hold the wrongdoers liable, including reporting to public security authorities, seeking injunctive relief, initiating litigations and taking other actions. We will endeavor to protect our reputation and, most importantly, to safeguard the interests of our shareholders, bondholders and other investors.

Shanghai Fosun High Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.
16 September 2022