Fighting Against BPD, Lighting Life for Preterm Infants


I'm Ma Mingguang, a pediatrician at Fosun Health Comprehensive & Special Disease Treatment Center.

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, or BPD, is a complication occurring in some preterm infants, especially extremely preterm infants. The incidence of severe BPD has been increasing year by year, and the treatment is a challenge for many hospitals and neonatologists worldwide.

With years of clinical experience and expertise, Fosun Health has developed an integrated diagnosis and treatment solution that leverages on resources online and offline, and inside and outside hospital. It is designed to help preterm infants to live a normal life without a ventilator.

This severe BD case was transferred to our hospital from a grade-A tertiary hospítal in Hangzhou. We went to all lengths to save the infant from the edge of life. We adjusted the original treatment by paying attention to both his breathing and heart condition and stabilized his breathing gradually through cardiopulmonary therapy.

The treatment of severe BPD did not end when the infant left our hospital, it was the beginning of family care instead. After receiving special training at the hospital, the family can take care of the infant at home. The team of attending doctors were available on the Fosu Health online platform to provide real-time assistance and guidance as requested by the family.

It is often cited that medicine is "to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always". We often tell parents to believe in professionalism, believe in their babies, and believe in the resilience of life.
You will see the miracle of life as long as you believe it.
I'm grateful that my job promotes good health in children, engages medical staffs in the full-course management, and creates happier lives for all.