Tireless "trainer" of cancer warriors


Wang Zifeng, Cell Culture Engineer of Fosun Kite, works in the field of CAR-T cell therapy to help patients fight tumors. More than 200 patients have been pooled since last year.

CAR-T cell therapy is an individualized treatment for the human autoimmune system. Because T cells, as cancer warriors, can identify potentially cancerous cells at early stage and kill them to fight off tumors.

Our cell culture engineers spend eight hours to more than ten hours in the production clean area to continuously prepare CAR-T cells.

CAR-T cell therapy is special. Due to the immune escape of tumor cells, we collect tumor warriors T cells in vivo, place a CAR on the surface of T cells through gene editing, perform in vitro amplification and reinfuse them into the patient.

This allows Yi Kai Da (Fosun Kite's CAR-T cell therapy) to yield better results with precise killing around the tumor tissue. Over 600 tailor- made processes provide more quality assurance for Yi Kai Da. Over the past three years, I've been asked why I do this repetitive work. I said it's not just a job, but also a noble cause that saves lives, more like preparing lymphoma patients for a chance of survival. 

We don't know the patients' names, but it's clear that my job has opened up new possibilities for them, bringing new hope to them and their families. Putting patients first. Reverence for life. We must work hard here to heal more patients. I can sense the innovativeness here, that drives dimensional breakthroughs and improvements for brighter future.

For the past five years, we have been advancing, focusing on the development industrialization and commercialization of cellular therapies to benefit patients in China. I love this place because it holds the dreams and glory of Fosun Kiter. We specialize in developing treatments to light up lives. At Fosun Kite, we innovate, we cure, we lead.

Standing in a new phase of growth our next goal is to advance in CAR-T therapy to treat solid tumors at early stage and benefit more patients. In the field of cell therapy Fosun Kite strives to be a valuable leader in cell and gene therapy.