Develop digital intelligent technology globally to empower industrial manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

The Intelligent Manufacturing segment focuses on mineral
oil and gas resources and intelligent manufacturing, and actively
expands into relevant industries with high added value of technology.

    • 20000 tons

      The battery-grade lithium hydroxide project invested by Hainan Mining is expected to be put into operation in the first half of 2024
    • Bougouni lithium mine

      The project delivery of the Bougouni lithium mine in Mali, Africa, acquired by Hainan Mining has been accelerated
    • First set was launched in China

      Easun Technology has developed software and hardware solutions that enabled the precise and intelligent matching of a vehicle body to break the monopoly of the market
    • Recognized as a “specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” enterprise

      Easun Technology and its subsidiaries were recognized as the second batch of "specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” enterprise in Shanghai and the fifth batch of national specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative "little giant", respectively
    • Robust growth in North America

      Easun Technology recorded a significant increase in its overseas high-margin orders and saw robust growth in business operations in North America
  • Technology And Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Resource And Environment