FC2M Ecosystem



  • 21.65 million

    Number of newly registered members1 in the first half of 20231

  • 6.2 RMB billion

    total value created by the Group’s ecosystem in the first half of 20232

  • 52.8 %

    Sales revenue contributed by members in the first half of 2023

  • 60

    Domestic and foreign brands collaborated during 515 Fosun Family Day

  • 32 %

    YoY sales growth of 515 Fosun Family Day

1 It refers to those who have agreed to the official membership terms of the brand and granted privacy, actively retained personal information, including phone numbers in any channels, to meet the needs of identifiable, reachable and traceable consumers, are defined as registered members (i.e. operational members). From 2022 onwards, this statistic includes consumers in Fosun Health ecosystem.

2 It refers to the revenue contribution (before intercompany eliminations) directly or indirectly created by companies within the Fosun ecosystem for other companies within the ecosystem, including but not limited to cross-selling, product co-creation, membership contribution, membership sales transformation, and sales collaboration within the ecosystem, joint industrial investment, financing cooperation empowerment, industrial resource coordination, etc.