• In 2023

    7.4 billion1

    R&D investment reached


  • 10 +

    Global technology innovation centers

  • Leading Core technologies in various fields

    Innovative drug:focus on therapeutic areas such as oncology,immunology, central nervous system, and chronic disease, and mainly strengthencore technology platforms such as small molecule, antibody/ADC, cell therapy,and RNA

    Vaccine: platforms of bacterial vaccine + viral vaccine

    Device: three major platforms of medical cosmetology +respiratory health + professional medical care

    Research & application of OrientalLifestyle Aesthetics

    Construction of the 4D technology innovation system: five senses ofconsumers + technology innovation R&D + creative design + technologyinnovation digitalization

    Insurance: digital platformoptimizes customer experience throughout the life cycle

    Intelligent travel: full-stack self-developed L2+ intelligentdriving software and hardware solutions

    Industrial automation: leveraging digital twin, machine vision andother technologies accumulated for many years in the industry, AIGC largemodels are introduced to promote full intelligence and automation in theindustry

    New energy: from traditional energy to the upstreamextension of new energy and new materials

  • Innovative Technology Innovation Centers In Various Fields

    Fosun Pharma Global R&D Center (national level)

    Fosun Pharma North America R&D Headquarters

    Fosun Pharma Academician Expert Workstation

    Jiangsu Wanbang Recombinant Protein Drug Engineering Center

    Jiangsu Wanbang Engineering Research Center for Diabetic Drugs

    Chongqing Yao Pharma National-Local Joint Research Center for Lyophilized Preparations

    Chongqing Pharmaceutical Research Institute

    Liaoning AVANC Pharma Professional Technology Innovation Center for Tumor and Perioperative Drugs

    Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital Tumor Precision Key Laboratory

    Shanghai Henlius Global Innovation Center

    Wansheng Technology Center (national level)

    Sichuan Engineering Technology Center for Intelligent Brewing of Baiju

    Tianjin Seagull High-Precision Mechanical Watch Enterprise Key Laboratory

    Fosun Cosmetics Global Innovation Center (CNAS certified)

    Yuyuan Foods & Dining Group Innovation Center

    Fosun Wine & Spirits Global Innovation Center

    Yuyuan Jewelry Creative House

    Lanvin Group Fabric Innovation Center

    Easun Technology Global R&D Center


1 It includes scientific research investment (expensed and capitalized), but excludes digitalization expenses.

  • HANSIZHUANG (serplulimab injection)

    The self-developed and world's first monoclonal antibody drug targeting PD-1 for first-line treatment of extensive stage small cell lung cancer Approved for four indications in Chinese Mainland The first home-made anti-PD-1 mAb approved for marketing in Southeast Asian countries.

  • HANQUYOU (trastuzumab injection)

    The first monoclonal antibody biosimilar approved in China and Europe
    Sales and marketing in more than 40 countries & regions globally

  • YI KAI DA (ejilunsai injection)

    The first CAR-T cell therapy product approved for marketing in Chinese Mainland
    Second-line indication approved in Chinese Mainland

  • Domestic da Vinci Xi surgical system

    The first home-made da Vinci Xi surgical robot was officially put into use
    Successfully launched and commenced the localization and commercialization of da Vinci Xi surgical system

  • Artesun® & Argesun®

    Treated more than 68 million severe malaria patients
    The second generation, Argesun®: the world’s first artesunate injectable presented with a single solvent system that received WHO PQ

  • Remote medical service

    Nearly 2 million remote medical service consultations by Fosun Insurance Portugal were recorded

  • Quantitative analysis of prepared dishes

    Yuyuan Foods & Dining Group Innovation Center has been committed to the quantitative analysis technology of prepared dishes, leading the development of the first product standards in the prepared noodle industry

  • Precise and intelligent matching system of the vehicle body

    Easun Technology’s self-developed 2.5D advanced sensor significantly improves transmission speed and response time through industry-academia-research collaboration