Systems Architect, Weaving a Spell with Lines of Code


Systems Architect, Weaving a Spell with Hundreds of Millions of Lines of Code | A Fosun Expert, who is a craftsman working in the IT industry My name is Liu Xuepeng. I am responsible for making overall plans for product management and product mix as a member of Stater.

Before 2015, I was mainly engaged in the system architecture design for the informatization of government, I led the planning for the system architecture of the SAT Golden Tax Third Phase Project, which was part of the construction of an information system of tax collection and management.

After 2015, I started my own business in the Internet industry. I joined Stater in 2021. Then I became responsible for the design and development of the Statercloud SaaS Platform. The goal of this platform is to create an integrated supply chain service system for family healthcare consumer products. During the process, our product team visited several hundred users of various types, including pharmacies, clinics, cosmetic stores, warehouses, brand owners and even e-commerce platforms. Our main purpose was to understand the users and thus find the right direction of product design and optimization accordingly.

When we started our business in 2015, in order to develop a SaaS service platform for community-oriented medical care, our team based itself in the grassroots community for nearly three years. We visited hundreds of villages, townships and counties to learn about the urgent needs of local people including concerns to village doctors.

The core value of Stater's current Statercloud SaaS Platform is to focus on the sector of family healthcare consumption. We make full use of the Internet to systematically integrate the sector's distribution channel, which encompasses international and domestic brands, storage outlets, logistics providers and online and offline sales channels. In making these efforts over time, we want to form a compact and efficient online platform that integrates all the resources within the ecosystem of the sector. What we want to achieve ultimately is to provide better family consumer products and services for those targeted users.

Stater is promoting the formation and development of the industrial Internet in the sector of family healthcare consumption. This initiative is fully in line with the national strategy of digital transformation of industries and supply-side structural reforms. I believe that we will surely be able to create a brand new supply chain ecosystem in the sector of family healthcare consumption on the strength of our rich experience in products and services, our firm belief and overall advantages of Fosun's ecosystem of businesses.