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  • Solemn Statement


    On 16 September 2022, a document named "Minutes of an Interview with Experts of a Bank" started to spread on the internet and it constituted a malicious defamation of Fosun. It is a complete fabrication. We condemn the act of starting and spreading such malicious rumour and have reported the case to the public security authorities. We vow to have the wrongdoer

  • Fosun Presents its Brands and Projects at the First World Design Cities Conference


    The first World Design Cities Conference (WDCC) organized by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government officially opened on 15 September. As a strategic partner of the WDCC, Fosun presented its various businesses and brands at the conference, focusing on urban design, intangible cultural heritage design, folk design, fashion design and product design&

  • Hong Kong Economic Journal: Fosun’s Globalization Strategy Promotes Innovation and the Sustainable Development of ESG Globally


    (15 September 2022) Recently, Hong Kong’s financial newspaper, Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ), has conducted an interview with Chen Qiyu, Executive Director and Co-CEO of Fosun International. The article, which was published this morning, mentioned that Fosun’s solid results in the first half of the year and its transparent financial strategy have been recognized by many international investment banks; Fosun’s globalization strategy promoted sustainable business development; outstanding technology and innovation are the keys to success; Fosun regards talents as an important asset of the Group; and Fosun International’s outstanding ESG performance has been recognized by global professional organizations. The following is the full text of the article:

  • Fosun Group Visited Beijing SASAC, Conducted discussion on relevant cooperation


    In the morning of 14 September 2022, Zhu Wenkui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fosun and Vice President of Fosun International, visited relevant leaders of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality (Beijing SASAC) in Beijing.The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the long-term coop

  • Fosun: Foreign Media Reports about “Regulatory Authorities Asking Banks to Examine their Exposure to Fosun” are Completely False


    In response to foreign media reports about “Chinese regulatory authorities asking banks and some of the state-owned companies to examine their exposure to Fosun” on 13 September, Fosun said such reports are completely false.