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Management Team

Yu Qingfei

Non-Executive Director of the Company

Yu Qingfei, aged 54, has been a Non-Executive Director of the Company since December 2020. As at the end of the Reporting Period, Mr. Yu has also been the chairman, and the director of executive committee of Zhongrong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Mr. Yu has management experience in banking and insurance industries for over 30 years and has been qualified as a lawyer in China since 1993. Prior to joining Zhongrong Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Mr. Yu worked in Guizhou Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited and successively served as the general manager of Legal Affairs Department, the general manager of Risk Management Department of the Guiyang Branch, the head of Guiyang Fushui Sub-branch, the head of Guiyang Yunyan Sub-branch,the deputy head of the Guiyang Branch and the head of the Zunyi Branch. Mr. Yu obtained his bachelor’s degree in law from Southwest University of Political Science & Law in 1989 and obtained his master’s degree in engineering from Yunnan University in 2015.