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Management Team

Xu Xiaoliang

Executive Director and Co-CEO of Fosun International

Xu Xiaoliang, aged 47, is an Executive Director and Co-CEO of the Company. Mr. Xu was appointed as the Co-CEO of the Company in February 2020. Mr. Xu joined the Group in 1998, and as at the end of the Reporting Period, he has also been the chairman of Fosun Hive, a non-independent director of Hainan Mining (listed on the SSE), a non-executive director of Fosun Pharma (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the SSE) and a director of Yuyuan (listed on the SSE), Shanghai Foyo Culture & Entertainment Co., Ltd. (listed on the NEEQ with stock code 831472) and various companies within the Group. Mr. Xu was a non-executive director and vice chairman of Zhaojin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code 01818), and a director of Shanghai Resource Property Consulting Co., Ltd. (delisted from the NEEQ in December 2020, “Resource Property”). As at the end of the Reporting Period, Mr. Xu has been a deputy to the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, the co-chairman of Industry-City Integration Development Federation of The Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai and the chairman of the Shanghai International Fashion Federation. Mr. Xu was awarded the “Shanghai 4 May Youth Medal” and “Shanghai Top Ten Youth Business People”. Mr. Xu received a master’s degree in business administration from the East China Normal University in 2002 and received an EMBA degree from Fudan University in 2019.