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WE Volunteer丨 Care for Community Month

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The sixth themed month of WE Volunteer——August’s “Care for Community Month” comes to a close! The community is not only the fundamental unit of life but also a bond that connects emotions. Through community care, we can create a warmer and more vibrant community environment, enhancing residents' sense of cohesion and belonging. Over the past month, we have actively expanded ecological resources and organized diverse forms of philanthropic activities in places such as New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, to encourage employees to enhance their interactions with the community, and contribute to a better living environment.


In collaboration with the ESG Management Committee and the Carbon Neutrality Committee, Fosun Foundation has launched a promotional video for SDG 11 (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities). The video shows Fosun's ecological enterprise, Fosun Hive, and its innovative practical solutions for city-industry in countries such as Singapore and Japan. It also highlights specific actions taken by employees to preserve the community's ecological environment. This initiative aims to encourage more individuals to engage in community and contribute to the sustainable development of community.


Let's take a look at the exciting events that took place in August.



Together We Build

a Warm Community


On August 1st, the exhibition "Shanghai, Homeland Once upon a Time-Jewish Refugees and Shanghai" organized by the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Fosun Foundation, hosted by the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, and supported by the Consulate General of China in New York and the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, was inaugurated at Fosun Plaza in Lower Manhattan. The exhibition displayed more than 200 photographs and 30 pieces of memorabilia, in addition to videos and personal stories from Jewish refugees and their descendants, providing a platform for local residents to learn about the Jewish history for free, calling on human beings to care for each other and create a more tolerant "global village". To facilitate greater historical reflection and mutual understanding among China and the United States, the exhibition, originally scheduled to close on August 14th, continued to run until August 31st.




28 Liberty, where the exhibition is located, was originally the headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank and is designated as a landmark for its historical value. Over the years, a wide variety of cultural, artistic, and charitable activities have been held here, such as the annual Sing for Hope piano exhibition, Dine Around Downtown, and Summer Movies, uniting the community with a sense of cohesion and belonging.



“Neighborhood First” 

Rice-Giving Program


The Hong Kong Regional Operation Committee, Fosun Foundation and Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups launched the Rice-Giving CSR Program from July to September, in which the volunteer team of HK ONE Fosun employees distributed rice packs to Hong Kong low-income individuals and families at the Sham Shui Po Community Association in Tai Hang Tung Estate, Shek Kip Mei. Fosun's Rice-Giving CSR Program, which has been established for many years, eases the burden of low-income individuals by providing them material support and care. It also allows volunteers to help distribute the rice packs which give them chances to support and care about people in-need. The Rice-Giving CSR Program volunteer service is also a required program for Fosun International and Fosun Foundation to obtain the "Caring Company" and "Caring Organization" logos and certificates of appreciation from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.



Paint Your Hometown


In August, the 11th China-Japan-Korea Children's Friendship Painting Exhibition was sponsored by Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Japan's Bellpo Organization, and South Korea's Busan Foundation for International Cooperation, organized by CWI Children's Palace, and supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Fosun Foundation and the Bund Finance Center. The exhibition is currently being held at BFC, which is dedicated to strengthening the cultural ties between China, Japan, and Korea, promoting mutual understanding and collectively striving to create a harmonious and peaceful new era.


Under the theme "Paint Your Hometown", in collaboration with Bund Finance Center, we launched a painting activity, encouraging children to paint their hometowns and promoting communication and understanding of the community and hometown between parents and children.


In order to enrich the after-school cultural life of children in the community, on August 22, in collaboration with Fosun Global Leadership Academy, Fosun Foundation Shanghai, the Bund Financial Center, and Xiaodongmen Sub-district Office, we invited three FOSTARs to visit the "China-Japan-Korea Children’s Friendship Painting Exhibition" and Kengo Kuma's newest exhibition, "Architecture for the Five Senses," with underprivileged families from the Xiaodongmen community to provide them with a feast of art.



Pet Adoption Event


With the support of the “15 Year Plan” Homeless Pets Adoption Charity Group, the Pet Adoption Event was successfully held again at FOJOY Plaza this month. FOSTAR worked to find new homes for homeless animals and witnessed the strong emotional bond between humans and animals.


In addition, there were other exciting activities!


Care for Children with Autism


In collaboration with Topsperity Securities and Shanghai Qingcongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs, Fosun Foundation held an activity to care for children with autism, encouraging the students to finish their paintings and maintaining a clean and tidy teaching environment.




In August, the Fosun Foundation collaborated with 10 Fosun ecosystem partners, namely Fosun Hive Capital in Singapore, IDERA, Fosun Plaza, Hong Kong Regional Operation Committee, Topsperity Securities, Fosun Global Leadership Academy, the Bund Finance Center, Fosun Foundation Shanghai, ESG Management Committee, and Carbon Neutrality Committee. We also received support from 6 external partners, including Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, CWI Children's Palace, Xiaodongmen Sub-district Office, Shanghai Qingcongquan Training Center for Children with Special Needs, and "15 Year Plan" Homeless Pets Adoption Charity Group. Together, we actively participate in community activities to encourage more individuals to engage in community care.



WE Volunteer

To fulfill Fosun's commitment of 30,000 annual volunteer hours by its employees, and to practice the initial intention of "Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance, and Contribution to society" the WE Volunteer employee volunteer project was launched. Each month, a different theme is set and Fosun ecosystem partners are invited to initiate a series of activities around their own resource advantages and CSR ideals, attracting Fosun employees to participate and co-create, to build a more open and inclusive corporate CSR culture and atmosphere.


Make A Lasting Impact Together.