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ONE FOSUN CSR Week: Fosun Global Philanthropic Campaigns Sending Warmth and Love to All

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(24 December 2021) Fosun Foundation organizesONE FOSUN CSR Weekin December every year.2021’s ONE FOSUN CSR Week hasbeen held during the week of 13-17 Decemberand outstanding philanthropic campaignshave been showcased. Many of Fosun’s philanthropic campaigns have entered 2021 ONE FOSUN CSR Week’s  "Top Ten Outstanding Philanthropic Campaigns" competition. Let us embrace their enthusiasm for public welfare!


Luz Saúde

Celebrating its 20 years, Luz Saúde could not fail to reinforce its commitment to collaborate with the communities it serves and the Portuguese society in general. We hope that the actions envisaged within the program ‘20 years, 20 causes’, initiated in 2020 and counting with the direct involvement of employees and Luz Saúde group holding in support of these Portuguese associations, may contribute to the improvement of conditions in different areas of intervention in society, from health to environment, inclusion and combating of poverty. Here are 15 projects implemented this year in collaboration with various social agencies:



Embrace SEMEAR cause means supporting people with disabilities. Its main purpose is to work towards their inclusion, and it was the first cause supported in the scope of Luz Saúde´s 20 years celebration and promotes volunteerism with this association all year.


SEMEAR supports the inclusion of people with disabilities, providing them with adequate professional training and personal and social development, based on their immense potential, minimizing their limitations and maximizing their autonomy, such as some teambuilding actions: support in organic horticultural production, preparation, confection, transformation, and sale of gourmet products.


Banco Alimentar

In December 2020, several containers were placed in Luz Saúde hospitals and clinics to promote non-perishable food donations, such as milk, fruit juices, baby food porridges, biscuits, canned goods, rice, pasta, oil, and olive oil from employees.


Luz Saúde delivered to Banco Alimentar 2,630 kilos of food in total, donated and collected by the employees of its units during the Christmas season. In 2019 (the most recent data available), the 21 Food Banks locations in Portugal distributed 23,382 tons of food, which reached 2,400 institutions and around 380 thousand people. It was the contribution of Luz Saúde towards the goal of keep “feeding this idea, that for almost 30 years now is making the difference in the life of the country”.


Operação Nariz Vermelho

To be sick is not funny at all, even more so as a child. In this context, Luz Saúde gave its support to Operação Nariz Vermelho (Operation Red Nose), acquiring 1,500 red noses that were distributed among children and employees in Pediatric consultation and inpatient service, in the units of Hospital da Luz network, and thus helping the association' Operation Red Nose' to continue giving joy to hospitalized children. The program helps Operação Nariz Vermelho, a private social solidarity institution (IPSS), with the mission to bring some joy to hospitalized children, their families, and health professionals.


Fundação Rui Osório de Castro

Hundreds of Xi-Coração, a rabbit with a big heart and even bigger arms, the mascot of Fundação Rui Osório de Castro, 'took by assault' the Christmas trees in all Luz Saúde units.


Fundação Rui Osório de Castro's main goal is to support and protect children with cancer and their respective families. Their activity is divided into two main areas: information (clarification sessions for parents and children on questions related to childhood cancer) and promotion of medical research in this area. This IPSS, working in pediatric oncology, is one of the causes supported in the scope of Luz Saúde's 20 years.


Associação Salvador

The mission of Salvador's association is "to promote the inclusion of people with motor disability in society and improve their quality of life, potentiating their talents and sensitize to equal opportunities". In the past 17 years, it has benefited approximated 450 people each year. Luz Saúde has been supporting the Associação Salvador Christmas campaign for several years now, thus supporting numerous needs from people with motor disabilities. Two of its initiatives are the annual campaign Barrete Solidário (Solidarity Hat), to raise funds during Christmas – this year having for the motto "Let's give more color to Christmas and those in need" – and Ação Qualidade de Vida (Quality of Life Initiative), that supports people with motor disability and no financial means to materialize individual projects. By acquiring 3.000 "solidarity hats", Luz Saúde materializes the dream of 43-year-old Cláudio Gomes – who requested support to get an adapted wheelchair to practice handball and continue competing. And in cooperation with another company, Luz Saúde helped to satisfy the request of 42-year-old Hugo Maia – a wheelchair basketball champion, and needed new equipment to maintain the highest level and integrate the National Team in the European Championship once again 2021.



Domestic violence is one of the most current problems of Portuguese society. It has shown escalation with the confinements imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to fight against and prevent domestic violence, it requires the awareness and empowerment of all people, in particular health professionals, to be able to recognize the main warning signs of this criminal act and help the victims. The webinar “Violência doméstica: conheça os sinais e saiba como agir” (Domestic violence: learn the signs and how to act) intends to contribute for that purpose, offering the participants an approach to the phenomenon, the signs, and consequences of domestic violence, as well as the ways to help the victims that are available to all.



The impact of the pandemic on the rising problem of mental health is not getting the attention it deserves. Manicómio initiative started in March 2019, aims to demystify stigmas related to mental health, foster patients' employability, and promote their social inclusion. Luz Saúde Manicómio held a webinar on new approaches to mental health; a group of Luz Saúde employees attended a masterclass on sculpture and ceramics with an artist of the project Manicómio. "How to make your own monster" was the challenge of this masterclass.


Associação Cuidadores

The latest survey conducted in Portugal concluded that there are approximately 1.4 million informal caretakers who deal with enormous emotional, economic, and social challenges every single day. This November, Luz Saúde partnered up with Association "Cuidadores" aiming on supporting caretakers and former caretakers with offering: information and counselling, welfare activities (which allow them to take brief break from work), empowerment actions and workshops, and awareness actions and emotional support. This collaboration emphasizes that every caretaker deserved to be acknowledged and supported.



Luz Saúde has been working with Portuguese Association of Asperger Syndrome (APSA) since July 2021 to fulfill its mission: "promote support and social integration of people with Asperger syndrome, provide them with better conditions, and empower them to lead an autonomous and dignified life". Luz Saúde and APSA held a free webinar on this neuro-behavioral condition, destined to health professionals, and opened to all citizens interested in the topic. During the webinar session, the main symptoms of Asperger syndrome were approached, as well as its conditions. We counted on the participation of a mother who will report her experience with a 28-year-old suffering from Asperger syndrome. At Luz Saúde, we share APSA's dream, so that people with Asperger syndrome may have equal opportunities and feel accepted, respected and fulfilled.


Ajuda de Berço

In October 2021, Luz Saúde made a donation to the newly built Ajuda de Berço houses to support Ajuda de Berço and provide protection and a home for infants and children (0 to 3 years old) who are waiting for their biological families or looking for adoption families. With this donation, Luz Saúde contributes to the new Ajuda de Berço houses, where the children with special needs will receive good care and 24 hours health support.


Fundação Portuguesa de Cardiologia

Luz Saúde joined Fundação Portuguesa de Cardiologia fight for healthy hearts from November to December 2021. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Portugal. Prevention is a way to combat this scourge. Fundação Portuguesa de Cardiologia aims to raise awareness about heart disease prevention and healthy lifestyle to save lives as there are approximately 10,000 sudden death victims each year in Portugal. It also aims to provide schools with the necessary knowledge and resources because, in cases of cardiorespiratory arrest, every minute counts for the possibility of survival.  


Brigada do Mar

This is a partnership between Luz Saúde and Brigads do Mar, dedicating in cleaning and decontaminating beaches, environmental education, and cooperation activities for the development and sustainability of the planet. Luz Saúde employees collected 400 kilograms of garbage including glass, plastics, tires, shoes, old clothes, styrofoam, and fiberglass scraps on the river surface or left by tourists for two hours by the beach of Seixal in Lisbon.



To empower RedEmprega Lisbosa Program, which is centering around the unemployment rate in Lisbon, Luz Saúde's hospitals and clinics built a partnership with several companies and institutions to reinforce the network employability response in the city of Lisbon. Since May 2021, Luz Saúde has employed people who are long-term unemployed and/or socially excluded in Lisbon.


Nuvem Vitória

From 1 to 23 December, the volunteer teams accompanied children who are far from their familiar environments and told one Christmas story per night. The teams also help the association with promoting materials and tools and developing skills that provide a supportive environment for the children at the hospital. Both actions are taken in the broader and more comprehensive civil society, with children in general.


Associação Angelitos

Angelitos, a non-profit association, was created by the Pediatrics department of Hospital Beatriz Ângelo. To empower Angelitos' work, promote and improve childcare, the project participants created a children's book which intended to demystify the fear of going to the hospital. The book has been distributed to all the first graders in the hospital neighborhood, hoping to relieve children's fear of going to a hospital.


Fosun Hong Kong Office

Love in Neighborhood Amid the Pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, a large group of local volunteers visited neighborhood elderly centers in Hong Kong to deliver rice, sending love and care to elderly persons and underprivileged persons and families in Hong Kong. Fosun Hong Kong Office partnered with NGO The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to organize the “Neighborhood First: Rice-Giving Scheme”. The “Love in Neighborhood Amid the Pandemic” CSR program aims to give full play to the caring and benevolent spirit of Fosun Hong Kong Office during the pandemic, and spread Fosun's positive energy of "creating happier lives for families worldwide" in Hong Kong. The rice-giving scheme was carried out for half a year, demonstrating the continuity of the activity. In addition, the activity was also promoted on the company's official website.

Thanks to the heart-warming “Love in Neighborhood Amid the Pandemic” CSR program, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups awarded Fosun International the “Heart to Heart Company” logo and certificate of appreciation to thank Fosun International’s promotion of youth volunteering.


Fosun Hive

Sing for Hope

Since 2016, Fosun has cooperated with Sing for Hope to support the recycling, refurbishment and tuning of damaged pianos, and invite local artists to paint on the refurbished pianos to give new life to them. After exhibition, these colorful pianos will be donated to schools under the New York City Department of Education for students to use in music classes.


On 29 September, Sing for Hope’s piano exhibition opened at Fosun Plaza in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Ten pianos with different designs, hand-painted by New York local artists were featured at 28 Liberty Plaza for residents and tourists to play.


Camille Zamora, the co-founder of Sing for Hope, expressed her gratitude to Fosun for supporting the organization and event. She said, “The past 18 months have been difficult for cultural and artistic institutions and New York as a whole, but thanks to Fosun who has shown corporate social responsibilities, our communities and cities demonstrated strong resilience time and time again. Sing for Hope wishes to pass on this hope, spread art to thousands of families and love to every corner of the city with music."