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Focusing on Family Customers to Promote the “Dual Circulation” Strategy, Fosun Participates in the China International Import Expo for Four Consecutive Years

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On the evening of 4 November 2021, the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) officially opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As a global company rooted in Shanghai, Fosun and its overseas member companies and partners are participating in the CIIE for the fourth consecutive year and look forward to the annual “home diplomacy” opportunity to further demonstrate Fosun’s global leading technological innovation capabilities and resource integration capabilities, providing the best products and services for families worldwide, so as to facilitate the accelerated development of the “dual circulation” strategy.

(Photo caption:On the evening of 4 November 2021, the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened, 

demonstrating to the world China's commitment to further and comprehensive opening.)

Expanding domestic demand, promoting openness, facilitating exchanges have become the “power of CIIE” in the new era. In this year’s CIIE, Fosun Health and  Fosun Foliday will have their own booths, which are located in hall 8.1 in Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products zone (booth no.: 8.1 B03-002) and hall 7.2 in the Biopharmaceutical zone (booth no.: 7.2 C03-005) and 8.2H Trade in Services zone (booth no.: 8.2H C3-03), respectively, looking forward to fully showcasing global cutting-edge medical technologies, bringing a new pleasant experience to guests.

(Photo caption: The booths of Fosun Health and Fosun Foliday are located in two different halls at the CIIE. In addition, 

the oriental aesthetic products of Yuyuan Inc. will be presented at the Shanghai Pavilion)

The Fosun Health booth focuses on cutting-edge technologies, fully demonstrating Fosun’s global industry operations capabilities with industry-leading medical equipment and innovative drugs from the United States, Europe, Israel and other countries, including the debut of ECMO negative pressure ambulance and other products at the CIIE. As the trending products of previous CIIEs, da Vinci® Surgical System, Yescarta® CAR T-cell Therapy, ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System, and Breas ventilator, etc. will continue to be exhibited at the Fosun Health booth, sharing the spillover effect of the CIIE.

(Photo caption: COMIRNATY®

the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Fosun and Germany’s BioNTech is a great example of global cooperation)

(Photo caption: da Vinci® Surgical System and Yescarta® 

CAR T-cell Therapy have become classic examples of sharing the spillover effect of the CIIE)

In addition, the fourth Hongqiao International Health Technology Innovation Forum, a supporting event of the CIIE to be hosted by Fosun International and Fosun Pharma, will continue to be held. Representatives from governments, scientific research institutions, and leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies will attend the forum, share the latest trends and achievements in the field of global healthcare technology and explore ways to promote technology innovation in healthcare with international cooperation, improving global public health and well-being to jointly build a global community of health for all.

(Photo caption: the fourth Hongqiao International Health 

Technology Innovation Forum is themed on “Innovation for Good Health”)

Under the current development strategy of "internal circulation, internal and external dual circulation", the Fosun Foliday booth focuses on the consumption upgrading of domestic tourism with international, high-end, ecological, and digital innovative tourism products, assisting China’s tourism industry to achieve higher quality development. France’s Club Med, the United Kingdom’s Thomas Cook, Greece’s Casa Cook and Cook's Club, Atlantis and other participating brands will showcase their unique brand power and innovative tourism products created by integrating China’s market demands and local natural and cultural endowments. Leveraging on the international platform of the CIIE, more than ten international cooperation agreements will be signed at the CIIE.

(Photo caption: Fosun Foliday offers immersive experience at the CIIE 2021)

It is worth mentioning that Yuyuan Inc., the flagship enterprise of Fosun’s happiness segment, will join hands with classic consumer brands such as Shanghai Watch, Tong Han Chun Tang, Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, Songhelou, Chunfeng Songyuelou, and Mei Mei Wine to showcase China-Chic at the Shanghai Pavilion, demonstrating oriental aesthetics, fully presenting the cultural history and innovations of Chinese brands and Chinese culture to the world.

(Photo caption: Shanghai Watch Dome Mirror Series exhibiting at the Shanghai Pavilion)

(Photo caption: Songhelou and other Chinese time-honored

 brands under Yuyuan Inc. participating in the CIIE)

As a global company founded in 1992 and rooted in China, Fosun has joined hands with a number of overseas member companies and partners to participate in the CIIE for four consecutive years in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Fosun is an "old friend" of the CIIE.


(Photo caption: Fosun Health participated in the first CIIE in 2018, 

Foliday joined the CIIE in 2019, and Fosun Happiness joined the CIIE in 2020. Four participations in the CIIE, 

Fosun has become more open and will bring more global goodies to the CIIE)

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said that the participation in the CIIE has become a demonstration of Fosun's efforts to connect with global technologies and create happier lives for families worldwide. It is a great way to showcase Fosun’s capabilities to integrate global industries, resources, and brands accumulated over the years. As a global innovation-driven consumer group, Fosun will press on with its globalization development strategy, actively participate in international competitions and collaborations, make full use of the domestic and international markets and resources to help China’s economy achieve stronger, sustainable and sound development.