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Enjoy French Snow Holiday, Reinventing Togetherness with a New Start – new snow mountain experiences in Club Med Yabuli

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Club Med, the world's leading brand of all-inclusive and mountain holidays, recently launched a media fam trip themed "Enjoy French Snow Holiday, Reinventing Togetherness with a New Start” at Club Med Yabuli resort, bringing Chinese guests a refreshing and immersive snow mountain holiday experiences.

“With the normalization of pandemic prevention and control, people have regained their expectations for high-quality holiday experience. On the occasion of ushering in the new year, Club Med brought great innovation and enrichment on its products and services to meet the expectations of guests for a winter holiday, so that guests can enjoy the high-quality French style ice and snow holiday without going abroad. With the advent of the post pandemic era, the domestic winter ice and snow tourism market has shown a recovery trend. This year, the business growth of Club Med Yabuli and Club Med Beidahu resort has exceeded 20% compared with the same period in the snow season of 2019. In addition, on the basis of existing cooperation with ESF (French Ski School), we will fully support the Chinese national team in preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and boost the vigorous development of China's ice and snow sports”, said Xavier Desaulles, CEO APAC Markets of Club Med.