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Emergency Assistance: Fosun AlwaysResponds 0.01 Second Quicker

Release Time:2022-12-20

What ean one do in 0.01seeond?

lt is ofleatconsidcred  5nunGnctifiable samounl of   tirme.For Fosun Foundation,this difcull-4o-tmeasure""0.01iSecond repreents thbe combi-matiom of speed and quaility.

To Global Anti-epidem-ic Demands

Ln 2020,the COVID-19 pandernicput the whole wworld to the toughest testthan ever before. Foeun urgently lever-aged its glcbal netwotk to initiate a globaldeployment of medical suppllies,and pro-ied srong support for Wahan and oth-er cities in Habel province in an all-outeffort. In March zo20, Fasun deployedmedical supplies of masks, protectivesuits. oxygen concentrators and nucleicacid detection reagents to overseas coun-tried snd regions.

Combating Floods andFighting cOVID-19

Since 16 July 2o2ll, eotreme heavyrainfall in Henan hss csused severe wa-terlogging In many places.On 21 .July,Fosan set ap an emergeney working2roup on flood oontrol and dissster relief.Fosun Foundatlion led a coardinated ef-fort with Fosuin Beiling and Fosun Phar-ma to dlonate all-terralin vehlicles andmoblle X-ray machines".

Six montha later, on December 26,2021,the first batch of protective suitsdonated by social orgamnizatians after theoutbreak arrived in Xi"an and 43,972protective sulits and 9,2oo pairs of pro-tective shoe covers were handed over tothe Peaple's Govermment of Yanta Dis-trict in Xi"an.Before that,too,oao medi-all gJoves,20,pad masks and 8o bottlesof sanitizer had been handed over to theXi'an Red Cross Soclety,and 3,000 cansnf high-pratein andl lonc-socliam mnutritionproducts for kidiney dialysis had arrivedat Xi "an Gaaxin Haspitall.

Amid Challenges fromEpidemic in Shanghai

On 1n Mareh,2O22,Li Haifeng,Chairman af Posun Poundation. aD-nounced to reactivate the anti-eplidemlecom mand mechanism. Fosun succes-sirely carried outCoenmunity Sapport",Care for Pderly" and"Care for Chil-dien".At the sametime,Pasun continaedlto donate anti-epidemic materials anddaily sappllies to hospitals,mobile cabinhospitals, oolleges and universities.

Charterel Flight Arrived in Poetugal.

Cotnbating floodks in Henan.

sparing anti-epidemiesupport actior