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About Us

A Global Innovation-driven Consumer Group

Founded in 1992, Fosun is a global innovation-driven consumer group dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for families around the world in Health, Happiness, Wealth and Intelligent Manufacturing segments.


In 2007, Fosun International Limited was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 00656.HK). In 2021, Fosun International’s total revenue was RMB161.3 billion and total assets amounted to RMB806.4 billion. Fosun International ranks No.459 on the 2021 Forbes Global 2000 List, with a MSCI ESG rating of AA.

  • 20+

    Number of countries covered by its industry operations

  • 76000+

    Number of global employees

  • 30%

    Proportion of investment in technology innovation in pretax profits

  • 459

    Ranking in 2021 Forbes Global 2000 List


Creating happier lives for families worldwide


Rooted in China, creating a global happiness ecosystem fulfilling the needs of one billion families in health, happiness and wealth

Who We Serve

  • Consumers

    Focused on families with innovation-led happier family lives

  • Investors

    Creating greater value for shareholders by maintaining steady and sustainable growth

  • Employees

    Making a difference in the world with a galaxy of talents

  • Partners

    Building an open and win-win FC2M ecosystem with a culture of customer centricity

Business Principles

  • Centered around family customers
  • FC2M Model
  • Industry operations + investments
  • Driven by innovation
  • Glocalization (Global + Local)
  • Insurance (finance) + investment

Centered around family customers

Family is the foundation of all good lives and a core element of Fosun’s cultural values. After years of industrial deployment and experience, Fosun has built an industrial ecosystem throughout the family life cycle for the core demands in health, happiness and wealth, rendering one-stop happiness solutions to families around the world.

FC2M Model

C2M in FC2M means Client to Maker. “F” stands for Fosun and Family. FC2M is a model whereby customers can be subdivided and seen through thoroughly, what customers really need understood, products innovated and customers’ problems solved with digital tools. And the efficient two-way interaction between Client and Maker can then be realized through reverse recommendation and accurately reaching target customers by digital means.

Industry operations + investments

Fosun has been devoted to industry operations with a rich experience in investment. Fosun is able to identify and seize more investment opportunities around the globe with its years of experience in industry operations. Leveraging industry operations + investments, Fosun has integrated industry chains in an efficient manner and created more high-quality products at the following stages: selecting industries to specialize in, entering the industries from multiple dimensions, improving operational capabilities in an all-round way and performing in-depth synergy.

Driven by innovation

Innovation is the core driver of Fosun’s development. Fosun has set up a multidimensional global innovation system for its commitment to innovation-led happier family lives by independent R&D of health, AI and digital technologies, incubation, VC investment, cooperation with institutions and other means.

Glocalization (Global + Local)

As one of the first enterprises to develop overseas market, Fosun conducts in-depth industry operations in over 20 countries worldwide, fulfilling the Glocalization (Global + Local) strategy in multiple aspects such as business development, technology innovation and talent deployment.

Insurance (finance) + investment

The “insurance + investment” development model has been adopted by Fosun for its financial businesses. Making the most of Fosun’s “insurance-oriented comprehensive financial capability” is its leading means of financing for integrating growth industries. Meanwhile, Fosun continues to give full play to and improve its “industry depth-based and PE investment-focused investment ability”, achieving success in the “integration between China’s drivers and global resources”.

Development History

Fosun's corporate growth and strategic evolution is a process of continuous entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship (from 1992 to 2011)

During Fosun’s entrepreneur period, Fosun firmly seized opportunities in the era, started with consulting business, pharmaceuticals, real estate and other businesses, and achieved a steady and sustained rapid development. In addition, leveraged on China's procyclical growth momentum, Fosun actively participated in the mixed-ownership reform of state-owned enterprises such as Yuyuan Inc., Nanjing Iron and Steel, and Zhaojin Mining to form a multi-sector conglomerate and was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Re-entrepreneurship (from 2021 to 2021)

During Fosun’s re-entrepreneurship, Fosun was positioned as an “innovation-driven consumer group”. Leveraged on the twin-driver of “China’s momentum and global resources”, Fosun completed the establishment and implementation of “Globalization + New Industries”, continuously entered new industries and regions, and stayed committed to its innovation-driven strategy, adhered to “Industry Operations + Industrial Investment”, further focused on the needs of family customers for health, happiness and wealth, with a view to creating a happiness ecosystem.

Co-entrepreneurship (from 2022 onwards)

During Fosun’s co-entrepreneurship, Fosun adheres to the strategy of “Client-end as Top Priority, Maker-end as Top Leader”, strives to create a FC2M (Fosun Client-to-Maker) ecosystem, constantly evolves its global organization and globalization capability in the era of “Intelligent connectivity”, and leverages on the “FES” system (Fosun Entrepreneurship/Ecosystem System) to help enterprises achieve a sustainable “multiplier growth”. In addition, Fosun continues to uphold its original aspiration of “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance, and Contribution to Society”, and is dedicated to creating value for its customers, shareholders and employees, as well as actively contributing efforts in promoting “common prosperity”.
  • Stage I(1992-2000): Rooting
  • Stage II(2001-2007): Expansion
  • Stage III(2008-2016): Deployment
  • Stage IV(2017- ): Deepening